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Tsvetnye Metally

ArticleName International rewiew of market of non-ferrous metals
ArticleName What will balance the nickel market?
ArticleAuthor Korneev S. I.
ArticleAuthorData Korneev S. I., e-mail:
ArticleName Methodical aspects management of expenses on the basis of the concept of controlling
ArticleAuthors Alexandrova A. V., Sokolina Т. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Alexandrova A. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Effect of mechanical activation on oxidation leaching of sulphide copper concentrates
ArticleAuthors Krylova L. N., Medvedev A. S., Ryabtsev D. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Krylova L. N., e-mail:
ArticleName Rationing of quality of technological water at sand benefication of placer deposits
ArticleAuthor Kislyakov V. E.
ArticleAuthorData Kislyakov V. E., e-mail:
ArticleName Heating of boundary layers of bubbles as the method of activation of flotation
ArticleAuthors Evdokimov S. I., Panshin A. M.
ArticleAuthorsData Evdokimov S. I., e-mail:
ArticleName Effect of speed of cooling on structure of slag from fusion of copper-zinc concentrates in Vanukov furnace
ArticleAuthors Selivanov E. N., Gulyaeva R. I., Zelyutin D. I., Belyaev V. V., Selmenskih N. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Selivanov E. N., e-mail:
ArticleName About some features of reaction behaviour of sulphur of pyrrhotine concentrate at leaching of sulphuric acid
ArticleAuthors Bryukvin V. A., Tsibin O. I., Diachenko V. T., Bolshih M. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Bryukvin V. A., phone: 8 (499) 135-87-30
ArticleName Effect of various factors on standing and filterability of pulps of zinc production
ArticleAuthors Kolesnikov A. V., Shumilin Yu. P., Asadulin R. R., Suhobokov A. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Kolesnikov A. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Hydrocarbonyl process of clearing and processing of ammonium salts of hexachloroplatinate and hexachloroiridate
ArticleAuthor Fedoseev I. V.
ArticleAuthorData Fedoseev I. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Chemical and electrochemical purification of alumina production solutions
ArticleAuthors Yatsenko S. P., Rubinshtein G. M., Pyagai I. N.
ArticleAuthorsData Yatsenko S. P., e-mail:
ArticleName Semiproduction experimental plant for extraction of connections of rare-earth metals from industrial solutions
ArticleAuthor Cheremisina O. V.
ArticleAuthorData Cheremisina O. V., phone: (812) 328-84-09
ArticleName Automatization of calculation of properties of mixes of liquid chlorosilanes on the base of application Excel
ArticleAuthors Apanasenko V. V., Nazarov Yu. N., Chapygin A. M.
ArticleAuthorsData Apanasenko V. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Production of nanostructured superfunctional lead selenide films
ArticleAuthors Mukhamedzyanov H. N., Mironov M. P., Yagodin S. I., Maskaeva L. N., Markov V. F.
ArticleAuthorsData Markov V. F., phone: (343) 375-93-18
ArticleName Materials surface modification by law-temperature plasma volume discharge
ArticleAuthors Spichkin G. L., Chistov E. K., Pshchelko N. S., Syrkov A. G.
ArticleAuthorsData Pshchelko N. S., e-mail:
ArticleName Processing of nano-film Fe–Pt magnets for the super-dense recording heads
ArticleAuthors Glebov V. A., Glebov A. V., Popova O. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Glebov A. V., phone: 8-916-640-83-95
ArticleName Features of production of multicomponent zirconium alloys on the basis of the magnesiumthermic sponge
ArticleAuthors Arzhakova V. M., Ziganshin A. G., Popovich V. A., Shikov A. K., Shtutsa M. G.
ArticleAuthorsData Arzhakova V. M., phone: 8(499)190-63-39, e-mail:
ArticleName Application of fluoro-carbonic phase for selective extraction of heavy and radioactive metals from water solutions on the nickel and thorium example
ArticleAuthors Bordunov S. V., Bordunov V. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Bordunov S. V., Bordunov V. V.
ArticleName Mechanisms of the relaxation process of residual thermal microvoltage in beryllium
ArticleAuthors Tuzov Yu. V., Homutov A. M.
ArticleAuthorsData Homutov A. M.,
ArticleName Power parameters of formation of canes from powders of refractory metals
ArticleAuthors Burkin S. P., Andryukova E. A., Beketov A. R., Obabkov N. V., Brynskikh Ya. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Burkin S. P., e-mail:
ArticleName Termodynamic probability of different in spark zone at erosion of aluminium in water solutions
ArticleAuthors Bairamov R. K., Bugrov A. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Bairamov R. K., e-mail:
ArticleName Some results of improvement of technological processes of production of spongy titanium
ArticleAuthors Kirin Yu. P., Bekker V. F., Zatonskii A. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Bekker V. F., e-mail:
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