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ArticleName Production of nanostructured superfunctional lead selenide films
ArticleAuthor Mukhamedzyanov H. N., Mironov M. P., Yagodin S. I., Maskaeva L. N., Markov V. F.
ArticleAuthorData Markov V. F., phone: (343) 375-93-18
Abstract The conditions of hydrochemical deposition of photosensitive lead selenide films in nanostructured state are described. According to the results of kinetic researches the contribution of each component of the reactionary mix to the speed of the process is determined. According to the results of electron-microscopic researches it is established, that fresh-deposited PbSe films are formed from globules with sizes of 80–100 nm which in turn are consist of spherical aggregates with diameters of 25–40 nm. The influence of heat treatment conditions on morphology of films and also on the photosensitivity in the range of 320–450 K is shown. The conclusion is made, that colloidal-chemical synthesis provides production of nanostructured lead selenide layers with photosensitivity being at a level of the best foreign analogues.
keywords Lead selenide, hydrochemical landing, nanopatterned layers, thermal treatment, synthesis.
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