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ArticleName Methodical aspects management of expenses on the basis of the concept of controlling
ArticleAuthor Alexandrova A. V., Sokolina Т. S.
ArticleAuthorData Alexandrova A. V., e-mail:
Abstract Application of the concept of controlling will locate in practice of management by expenses of the enterprises of a metallurgical complex. The urgency of a problematic is caused by the most complicated financial condition of the enterprises, necessity of application of effective methods and technologies of management of expenses for increase of economic stability and competitiveness. Modern methods and models of management are shined with expenses. The algorithm of construction of a control system of expenses on the basis of the concept of controlling is offered. Practice of application of toolkit of controlling of expenses at the metallurgical enterprise is analyzed. The to a focus to needs to keep account, the analysis and the control of expenses over a mode of real time is brought at support of information systems.
keywords Management of expenses, controlling, a metallurgical complex, budgeting.
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