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ArticleName Processing of nano-film Fe–Pt magnets for the super-dense recording heads
ArticleAuthor Glebov V. A., Glebov A. V., Popova O. I.
ArticleAuthorData Glebov A. V., phone: 8-916-640-83-95
Abstract The problem of recording on new magnetic materials with high coercivity has arisen recently due to the necessity of an essential bit density enhancement on the magnetic bearers more than 600 Gbit/inch2. The work presented is an attempt to solve this problem with using of the high-gradient magnetic system, collected of nano-film Fe-Pt magnets, which provides a strong constant magnetic field of offset. The authors of the presented work have designed such a system earlier. Fe-Pt films with 200 nm thickness and planar texture were obtained by magnetron sputtering and crystallization annealing in the texturing magnetic field. The investigation of the films was carried out.
keywords Magnetic recording, Fe–Pt, nano-films, high-gradient magnetic fields, Kittel’s open domain structure.
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