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ArticleName About some features of reaction behaviour of sulphur of pyrrhotine concentrate at leaching of sulphuric acid
ArticleAuthor Bryukvin V. A., Tsibin O. I., Diachenko V. T., Bolshih M. A.
ArticleAuthorData Bryukvin V. A., phone: 8 (499) 135-87-30
Abstract The analysis of physical and chemical features of sulphuric leaching of "stale" pyrrhotine concentrate is realized. It is established that process of leaching can be presented of two conditional stages: beginning, quickly proceeding in the kinetic mode, according by merging of surface oxidized nonstoichiometric layer of concentrate and final, showing diffusion character of merging with uncontrolled time response, being the extremely inertial.
keywords Stale pyrrhotine concentrate, sulphuric leaching, hexagonal pyrrhotine, reaction interreaction, concentration, extraction, ferric iron, sulphidic sulphur.
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