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International conference “Plaksin's Readings — 2010” was 13-18 September 2010 in Kazan. The reports, devoted to scientific bases and modern processes of complex treatment of hard-beneficiation mineral raw materials, have been presented. Short overview of reports is presented in the paper by V. A. Chanturiya, V. A. Bochvar.

Some papers about 60-years anniversary of beryllium production at Ulba Metallurgical Plant are published in the journal. Today, beryllium production at Ulba Metallurgical Plant is unique complex, included beryllium-bearing concentrates processing, production of semi-finished and end products for knowledge-intensive manufacturing sector.


More details about the issue you may find below or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

Economics and management of production
ArticleName International review of market of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthor Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical plant
ArticleAuthorData Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical plant, phone: (495) 787-76-34, e-mail:
ArticleName Cost management for production of remedies of temperature control on the base of controlling concept
ArticleAuthors Zaytsev P. A., Usachev V. B.
ArticleAuthorsData P. A. Zaytsev, Branch Manager of “Atomterm”, e-mail:, V. B. Usachev, Chief of Workshop No. 2 of “Atomterm” branch, Research Institute, Scientific Development and Production Center “Luch”.
ArticleName Scientific basis and modern processes of complex processing of hard-beneficiation mineral raw materials (on the base of Materials from international conference “Plaksin's Readings — 2010”)
ArticleAuthors Chanturiya V. A., Bocharov V. A.
ArticleAuthorsData V. A. Chanturiya, Director of Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources Russian Academy of Sciences, e-mail:; V. A. Bocharov, Professor, Enrichment of non-ferrous, rare and precious metals ores Department, National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”.
ArticleName Kinetic regularities of bio-leaching of persistent gold-bearing concentrate with usage of association of microorganisms
ArticleAuthors Zaulochniy P. A., Sedelnikova G. V., Savari E. E., Kim D. Kh.
ArticleAuthorsData P. A. Zaulochnyy, Candidate, e-mail:; G. V. Sedel'nikova, Deputy Director; E. E. Savari, Head of Biotechnological Laboratory; D. Kh. Kim, Head of Geotechnological Laboratory, Central Geological Research Institute for Nonferrous and Precious Metals.
Heavy non-ferrous metals
ArticleName Chlorine-ammonium technology for processing of oxidized nickel ores
ArticleAuthors Andreev A. A., Dyachenko A. N., Kraydenko R. I.
ArticleAuthorsData A. A. Andreev, Senior Researcher, e-mail:; A. N. D'yachenko, Professor; R. I. Kraydenko, Senior Researcher, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University.
ArticleName Comperative analysis of tecniques for obtaining of active nickel powder, used at trans polar division of “Norilsk nickel” mining and metalurgical complex
ArticleAuthors Seregin P. S., Tsemekhman L. Sh., Kaytmazov N. G.
ArticleAuthorsData P. S. Seregin, Leading Researcher; L. Sh. Tsemekhman, Head of Pyrometallurgical Laboratory, e-mail: LST@; N. G. Kaytmazov, General Director, The Gipronickel Institute.
ArticleName LUREC® is the economic technology of production of sulphuric acid at smelting plants
ArticleAuthors Daum K.-Kh., Knabel K.
ArticleAuthorsData K.-Kh. Daum, Vice-president, e-mail: ; K. Knabel', Manager; Outotec GmbH, Oberursel, Germaniya.
Noble metals and alloys
ArticleName Large-scale laboratorial researches of autoclave oxidation of gold-bearing concentrates
ArticleAuthors Bogorodskiy A. V., Balikov S. V., Kopylova N. V., Emelyanov Yu. E.
ArticleAuthorsData A. V. Bogorodskiy, Junior Researcher, e-mail:; S. V. Balikov, Leading Researcher; N. V. Kopylova, Resercher; Yu. E. Emel'yanov, Leading Researcher, Irgiredmet.
ArticleName Recearch of optimal parameters of desorption of gold and non-ferrous metals with Lewatit anionites using sodium hydroxide solution
ArticleAuthors Drozdov S. V., Klimantsev V. S., Leskiv M. V., Belousova N. V., Fris G.
ArticleAuthorsData S. V. Drozdov, Head of Laboratory; V. S. Klimantsev, Leading Engineer, e-mail:; M. V. Leskiv, Engineer and Laboratory Assistant, “Poluys”; N. V. Belousova, Head of a Department, Siberian Federal University; G. Fris, Chief Technologist, LanXess, Germaniya.
Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
ArticleName Thermodynamic estimation of possibility of regeneration of gas-cleaning solutions from aluminium electrolysers with calcium compounds
ArticleAuthors Nozhko S. I., Morenko A. V.
ArticleAuthorsData S. I. Nozhko, Candidate for a Doctor's Degree, e-mail:; A. V. Morenko, Candidate, “Irkutsk State Technical University”.
ArticleName On the problem of establishment of silumin production on the base of sillimanite group of minerals
ArticleAuthors Lepezin G. G., Kargopolov S. A.
ArticleAuthorsData G. G. Lepezin, Leading Researcher, Professor, e-mail: lepezin@uiggm.; S. A. Kargopolov, Senior Researcher, Institute of Geology and Mineralogy named after V. Sobolev Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Scienses.
ArticleName Production of carbide-silicon lining for aluminium elecrolyzers at Volzhskiy abrasive plant
ArticleAuthors Dovgal' A. N., Karpova O. V., Sakadeeva O. Yu., Yurkov A. L., D'yuks G.
ArticleAuthorsData A. N. Dovgal', Deputy General Director Science and Technical Development; O. V. Karpova, Head of Physical and Chemical Laboratory; O. Yu. Sakadeeva, Engineer-Technologist; A. L. YUrkov, Chief Specialist, e-mail:, Volzhsky Abrasive Works; G. D'yuks, Director, Vulcan Refractories (UK).
Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors
60 years of beryllium manufacture at Ulba Metallurgical Plant
ArticleName The flagman of nuclear branch
ArticleName The 60-year-marathon
ArticleAuthors Chuvilin A. D., Maksimova D. A., Borsuk A. N.
ArticleAuthorsData A. D. Chuvilin, Deputy Director of Berrylium Production of Marketing and Strategy Planning; D. A. Maksimova, Marketing Manager of Beryllium Production; A. N. Borsuk, Director of Beryllium Production “Ulba Metallurgical Plant”.
ArticleName So beginning of ulbinskiy beryllium has started
ArticleAuthor Romanov M. A.
ArticleAuthorData M. A. Romanov, Deputy director, Work Safety and Environment Protection,, “Ulba Metallurgical Plant”.
ArticleName Scientific-technological development of beryllium metallurgy at Ulba Metallurgical Plant
ArticleAuthors Arinov B. Zh., Borsuk A. N., Zorin B. L.
ArticleAuthorsData B. Zh. Arinov, Chief of Beryllium Laboratory, Central Scientific Research Laboratory; A. N. Borsuk, Director of Beryllium Production; B. L. Zorin, Officer of Scientific Research Laboratory, e-mail:, “Ulba Metallurgical Plant”.
ArticleName Technology development of oxide beryllium ceramic material with the defined properties
ArticleAuthors Kenig V. K., Zorin B. L., Kishlyanova A. A., Arinova I. V.
ArticleAuthorsData V. K. Kenig, Group Leader; B. L. Zorin, Officer, phone: 8(7232)298-196; A. A. Kishlyanova, Engineer and Researcher; I. V. Arinova, Engineer and Researcher, Central Scientific Research Laboratory, “Ulba Metallurgical Plant”.
ArticleName Research of single-stage metallization process of titanium-magnetite from Gremyakha-Vyrmes deposit
ArticleAuthors Pogudin D. S., Morozov A. A., Sadykhov G. B., Olyunina T. V., Leontiev L. I.
ArticleAuthorsData D. S. Pogudin, Junior Researcher; A. A. Morozov, Head of Laboratory, e-mail:; G. B. Sadykhov, Leading Researcher; T. V. Olyunina, Researcher; L. I. Leont'ev, Principal Officer, The Baykov Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Senior researcher V. Goncharenko took part in the paper.
ArticleName Influence of impurities on residual relative electrical resistance of high-purity niobium ingots
ArticleAuthor +Vygovskiy E. V.
Radioactive elements
ArticleName Optimization of matrix profile for uranium dioxide pellets molding
ArticleAuthors Gorbushyn А. V., Syrnev B. V., Rusin Yu. G., Shevchenko G. M.
ArticleAuthorsData A. V. Gorbushin, Leading Specialist, tel.: (7232) 29-85-62, “Ulba Metallurgical Plant” -Inzhiniring; B. V. Syrnev, Professor, East Kazakhstan state technical university; Yu. G. Rusin, Head of Uranium Laboratory; G. M. Shevchenko, Group Leader, “Ulba Metallurgical Plant”.
ArticleName Crystalline magnetic materials
ArticleAuthors Glebov V. A., Glebov A. V., Safronov B. V., Shingarev E. N.
ArticleAuthorsData V. A. Glebov, Senior Researcher, e-mail:; A. V. Glebov, Departmental Manager; B. V. Safronov, Departmental Manager; E. N. Shingarev, Departmental Director, Research Institute named after Bochvar.
Composites and multipurpose coatings
ArticleName The research of titan influence on the properties of layered composite materials of system iron–aluminium
ArticleAuthors Kovtunov A. I., Myamin S. V., Chermashentseva T. V.
ArticleAuthorsData A. I. Kovtunov, Assistant professor; S. V. Myamin, Engineer, e-mail:; T. V. Chermashentseva, Senior Teacher, Tolgiatti State University.
Metal processing
ArticleName The analysis of method of obtaining of exact cylindrical billets from non-ferrous alloys for thinwalled detailes as cup
ArticleAuthor Borisovskaia V. A.
ArticleAuthorData V. A. Borisovskaya, Candidate, National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”.
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