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ArticleName Comprehensive phosphogypsum treatment with the recovery of chemically precipitated chalk, gypsum, and REE concentrate
ArticleAuthor Kosynkin V. D., Selivanovskiy A. K., Fedulova T. T., Smirnov K. M., Krylova O. K.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise «All-Russian Research Institute Of Chemical Technology» (FSUE «ARRICT»)

V. D. Kosynkin, Chief Researcher

A. K. Selivanovskiy, Head of Laboratory

T. T. Fedulova, Leading Researcher

K. M. Smirnov, Head of Department, e-mail:

O. K. Krylova, Head of Laboratory


The paper describes proposed phosphogypsum treatment schemes resulting in the recovery of REE concentrates, ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate limestone, high quality gypsum and precipitated calcium carbonate. The technology stipulates for generation of REE concentrate by direct treatment of phosphogypsum with nitric acid, as well as its recovery out of insoluble residue left after calcium nitrate solution purification, in which REE concentration takes place.

keywords Phosphogypsum, nitric acid, hemically precipitated chalk, rare earth elements (REE), extraction, oxalates

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