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Название Free fall of particles in centrifugal field
Автор Fedotov K. V., Tyutyunin V. V.
Информация об авторе Tyutyunin V. V., vedeneyt@rambler.ru.
Реферат An experimental installation for determination of particles' velocity of fall in centrifugal field is described. A method of this process numerical-modeling has been considered. Practical data related to calculation of freefall velocities of quartz, magnetite and lead glance particles, as well as trajectories of their movement in centrifugal field under free-fall conditions, are presented. The algorithm of mineral particles free-fall velocities' calculation, depending on centrifugal field intensity and particles' properties, is considered. The method of visual observation of mineral particles separation processes in centrifugal field is proposed for the first time.
Ключевые слова gravity concentration, centrifugal separation, separation factor, free-fall velocity, uniformly-falling, separation of nano-materials.
Language of full-text русский
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