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Obogashchenie Rud

ArticleName The CIS Metallurgists Congresses — the traditional meeting place of professionals working in the area of mineral processing
ArticleName Application of «Derric» screens in locked grinding circuit at the «KMAruda» Mining Complex concentrating plant
ArticleAuthors Pelevin А. Ye., Lazebnaya М. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Pelevin А. Ye., e-mail:; Lazebnaya М. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Gold and silver recovery increase and creation of flexible processing flow sheet with application of sand flotation process
ArticleAuthors Aksyonov B. V., Babuk А. V., Galyutin А. Yu.
ArticleAuthorsData Babuk А. V., (812) 622-15-58.
ArticleName Development of efficient flow sheet for processing of the Nikolayevskoye deposit gold-bearing ore
ArticleAuthors Antsiferova S. А., Samoylov V. G., Timoshenko L. I., Markosyan S. М., Komleva О. N.
ArticleAuthorsData Komleva О. N., (391) 212-48-22.
ArticleName To the theory of gold leaching from non- standard fresh and secondary raw materials
ArticleAuthors Logachyov А. V., Golik V. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Golik V. I.,
ArticleName Distinctive features of the Gremyachinskoye deposit potassium ores processing
ArticleAuthors Panteleeva N. N., Titkov S. N., Barmin I. S., Krivoltsevich V. M., Buchko V. F.
ArticleAuthorsData Titkov S. N., (812) 376-95-48.
ArticleName Microwave-decrepitation of liquid-gas inclusions in quartz grains
ArticleAuthor Nasyrov R. Sh.
ArticleAuthorData Nasyrov R. Sh., (3513) 57-04-08.
ArticleName Free fall of particles in centrifugal field
ArticleAuthors Fedotov K. V., Tyutyunin V. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Tyutyunin V. V.,
ArticleName Influence of pyrite conductivity-type upon coupled redox-processes of dissolved oxygen reduction and xanthate oxidation
ArticleAuthors Chanturiya V. А., Vigdergauz V. Ye., Vorobyov S. А.
ArticleAuthorsData Vigdergauz V. Ye.,; Vorobyov S. А.,
ArticleName Industrial experience in organization of production and application of flotation reagents under the condition of an ore-dressing facility
ArticleAuthors Ryaboy V. I., Aigelov А. Т.
ArticleAuthorsData Ryaboy V. I.,
ArticleName A new composition for granulated potassium chloride modification
ArticleAuthors Shemyakina М. G., Pleshkova L. D., Molokovich S. О., Smychkova А. N., Stromsky А. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Shemyakina М. G., Pleshkova L. D., Molokovich S. О., Smychkova А. N., Stromsky А. S.,
ArticleName 90th anniversary of «Gintsvetmet» Institute
ArticleAuthor Glazunov L. A.
ArticleName A. V. Bogdanovich’s 70th birthday
ArticleName T. Ye. Koltunova’s jubilee
ArticleName Advertisments
ArticleName L. M. Glumov
ArticleName S. I. Gorlovsky
Journals →  Obogashchenie Rud →  2009 →  #2