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ArticleName Results of mechanical testing of buses’ body elements produced by laser welding of steel section St3 (Ст3) with aluminum cladding AMg2M
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2017.10.11
ArticleAuthor Lyukhter A. B., Shlegel A. N., Leontev A. A., Gusev D. S.

Reseacrh and Education Center of Laser Technologies Implementation (Vladimir State University), Vladimir. Russia:

A. B. Lyukhter, University Administration Councellor

A. A. Leontev, Engineer-researcher, e-mail:

Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nikolay Stoletovs, Vladimir, Russia:

A. N. Shlegel, Head of Laser Production

LLC “Vladimir Engineering Center of Laser Technologies Use in Mechanical Engineering (Vladimir State University)”, Vladimir, Russia:

D. S. Gusev, Head of Scientific-Experimental Department


Nowadays, detail obtaining technologies by welding of ferrous and nonferrous metals are the most popular both in automobile industry and in other branches of industry. Such welded joint offers the possibility of not only making the auto design lighter, but also protecting it from corrosion. Methods of jointing of dissimilar metals are various, but their main problems are appearance depreciation and high cost of manufacturing technology. We discuss the sample materials, manufactured with laser welding by fiber laser. A main advantage of laser welding of aluminium and steel by the considered method is the absence of filler wire, buckling and change of appearance of the face of bus body elements. Our article finds the mechanical data limits of buses’ body models, made of steel section St3 (Ст3) and sheet aluminium AMg2M by laser welding. We tested the static and fatigue mechanical properties and showed the method of their behavior. As a result of these researches, we found the mechanical characteristics of the manufactured sample materials. On the basis of the obtained results, taking into account the rectifications, a real transport vehicle body was created for in situ tests. Our article also shows that laser welding of buses’ bodies made of dissimilar metals allows the obtaining of strength characteristics, required and sufficient for provision of safe exploitation of transport vehicles.

keywords Laser welding, dissimilar metals welding, aluminum, steel, mechanical tests, bus body, test samples, load, weld, fracture, bending, torsion, gap

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