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ArticleName Comparison of ore comminution technologies using SAG mill and roller-press for Udokan copper deposit ores
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2017.10.05
ArticleAuthor Senchenko A. E., Kulikov Yu. V.

Science-research and design Institute “TOMS” LLC, Irkutsk, Russia:

A. E. Senchenko, General Director, e-mail:
Yu. V. Kulikov, Chief Technologist


This paper shows the results from comparison of the possible comminution circuits and validation of an efficient circuit for its implementation at the Udokan plant. Results of the ore testing in a pilot roller-press (HPGR technology) and data on the ore grindability through semi-autogenious grinding (SAG technology) are presented in the paper. The testing defined the principal possibility of HPGR application for Udokan deposit ore. This ore was found to be favorable material for treatment in the HPGR. It was also established that Udokan deposit ores are highly refractory to the SAG process. The difference in the installed capacity of equipment between circuits with HPGR and SAG mill varied from 36 to 40% depending on the circuit configuration. Besides the energy saving, considerable reduction of OPEX is expected for the HPGR circuit in view of lower consumption of balls and lining. Unlike the earlier designed process procedures and project, on the basis of the obtained data set a comminution circuit was recommended with the ore crushing in the roller-press in close cycle with wet screening at 6.3 mm. The final decision on the choice of optimal comminution circuit for the plant at Udokan copper deposit should be made based on technical and economic comparison of circuit options taking into account CAPEX and OPEX. The preliminary technical and economic calculations made by manufacturers of grinding and crushing equipment for similar projects indicate that the cost of the basic equipment of the HPGR circuit is comparable or little higher than the one of the SAG circuit; however the OPEX of the HPGR circuit are considerably lower.

keywords Udokan copper deposit, grinding, crushing, SAG, abrasivity, mill, roller-press, HPGR

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