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ArticleName Analysis of sluice washing units operation during the gold placer mining
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2017.02.04
ArticleAuthor Seryy R. S., Alekseev V. S., Sas P. P.

Institute of Mining of the Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Khabarovsk, Russia:

R. S. Seryy, Senior Researcher, e-mail:
V. S. Alekseev, Senior Researcher
P. P. Sas, Researcher


Gold extraction is one of the most important issues during the placer deposit mastering, which make a huge influence on economic indicators of the enterprise in whole. In spite of the presence of jiggery machinery, centrifugal concentrators and spiral separators, the sluice complexes are still the main concentration washing units. Assessment of sluice washing units operation may define a range of the basic reasons of metal loss: the quality of return water, used for sand washing; high content of clayey particles in initial sands; presence of accompanying heavy metals; gold morphology; constructive parameters of concentration equipment. Interaction between the losses of metal with lixiviation fractions and gold output on shallow sluices was observed for sluice washing units PGSh-50 (ПГШ-50) with deep and shallow sluices. The carried out investigations showed the increasing of concentration of clayey particles in return water, which leads to the considerable growth of gold losses from sluices. Dependence of gold distribution in shallow sluice concentrates (from the first to the last) was obtained, and helped to carry out the extrapolation assessment of gold screening efficiency, and the amount of losses in deep sluices. The research allowed to analyze the gold losses at the shallow and deep sluices, establish their causes and make recommendations for elimination. The research results were taken into account in the modernization of the flushing device PGSh-50, which will significantly reduce the loss of fine and thin gold sluices of fine filling.

keywords Refractory placer deposit, washing device, sluice of deep and shallow filling, small and thin gold, gold losses, screening pulp, efficiency of enrichment

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