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ArticleName Automation of a new process of control of pressure metal heat treatment for obtaining of rolled products with wide consumer properties
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2016.04.13
ArticleAuthor Demin A. V.

JSC “Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika”, Moscow, Russia:

A. V. Demin, First Deputy Chief Executive, e-mail:


This paper shows a brief analysis of the systems of heat treatment of rolled products and formation of their consumer properties due to the regulated formation of the crystalline structure of the finished products. Disadvantages of the traditional method of spray cooling are detaily described. At the same time, the control of cooling process is based on the use of mathematical models, which initial parameters for calculation and formation of the control actions are unsteady and probabilistic, which does not provide the rolled products quality at modern requirements. There is offered a fundamentally new method of regulation of the heat-removal rate by stirring cooling agent flow and design of self-organizing system. According to a new heat-removal method, the stirring flow of refrigerating medium is passed through the hollow plain rolls, set instead the traditionally applied one-piece sheaves, pressed to the hot water surface. The developed structure of control of heat removal from rolled product is described. Application of a new cooling principle shows the possibility of the problem solving of creation of production of thick unfailing rolled products in Russia with minimal costs. It also makes possible the operative increase of modern rolling mills productivity, improvement of consumer properties of ferrous or non-ferrous rolled metals, defect part reduction, energy- and resource-costs decreasing, sharp increase of ecological compatibility and significant increase of observability of the process parameters almost without the change of the main equipment design.

keywords Automation, rolled metal, defects, execution system, adaptive control system, self-organization, thermal treatment, rolls

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