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ArticleName Assessment of efficiency of mining machines with cutting parts equipped with disk tools
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.12.14
ArticleAuthor Klishin V. I., Gerike B. L., Gerike P. B.

Institute of Coal, Federal Research Center for Coal and Coal Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kemerovo, Russia:

V. I. Klishin, Head of a Laboratory, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
B. L. Gerike, Principal Researcher, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
P. B. Gerike, Senior Researcher, Assistant Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


The article describes R&D aimed to improve and make more efficient non-explosive destruction of different rock types using mining machines equipped with shearing–cutting tools. Based on the analysis of the existing methods and criteria for estimating quality of a cutting tool and its interaction with a medium to be cut, it is proposed to introduce a new index of a work tool efficacy to allow quantitative evaluation of rock resistance to mechanical impact, prediction of energy consumption of rock fragmentation and, consequently, productivity of mining machine under specific operating conditions. The authors substantiate and present analytical expressions of this index, graphs of the index behavior versus rock viscosity and hardness and real energy consumption, as well as the data of modeling of mining machine cutting–shearing tool performance. The article gives recommendations on equipping mining machines (cutter–shearers) with the tool designed so that to fit with the properties of cut rocks. The successful industrial tests have shown consistency with the modeling and theoretical research data in terms of energy consumption and productivity of non-explosive destruction of various type rocks.
The study was carried out under financial support from the RF Ministry of Education and Science within the framework of the federal targeted program on R&D in Priority Areas of Advancement of the Russian Science and Technology for 2014–2020, under the topic of Experimental Design Engineering of Combination Tool Using Superhard Composites for Efficient Destruction of Rocks. Agreement No. 14.607.21.0028 as of June 5, 2014. Unique Project Identifier RFMEFI60714X0028.


keywords Non-explosion mining, lithotypes, mining machines, work tool, cutting, shearing, energy consumption, productivity, tool efficacy index, modeling, industrial approval

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