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ArticleName Combined technology of processing of impregnated copper-nickel ores
ArticleAuthor Dyachenko V. T., Mantsevich M. I., Bryukvin V. A., Tsybin O. I.

JSC “Norilsk Nickel” MMC, Norilsk, Russia:

V. T. Dyachenko, Head of Science and Technology Office


JSC “Institute “Gintsvetmet”, Moscow, Russia:

M. I. Mantsevich, Head of Laboratory


A. A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Moscow, Russia:

V. A. Bryukvin, Head of Laboratory, e-mail:

O. I. Tsybin, Researcher


Senior Researcher G. A. Lapshina (JSC “Institute “Gintsvetmet”) was the participant in this work.


Taking into account the current and forecast metal market opportunities, impregnated ores of Norilsk industrial region are the high-valuable raw materials, which reserves exceed the reserves of rich and cupriferous ores. In prospect, this ore type is insensibly going to be the main source for manufacturing of non-ferrous and, especially, precious metals. Reserves of nickel, copper and noble metals allow to exploit the deposit for a long period. On the example of impregnated copper-nickel ores of Norilsk region, there is considered the possibility of extraction of valuable components and obtaining of high-quality selective concentrates from difficult crude ore. Reaching the set object is provided by application of combined technology, including the concentration and hydrometallurgical production stages. Concentration includes the obtaining of rich copper concentrate and nickelpyrrhotine product. The object of hydrometallurgical production stage is leaching of nickel-pyrrhotine product with following flotation obtaining of nickel concentrate. Flotation-hydrometallurgical-flotation processing of nickel-pyrrhotine product allows to obtain higher-quality nickel concentrates, in comparison with the ones, obtained by the traditional technology.

keywords Ore, flotation, reagents, concentrates, extraction, hydrometallurgy, leaching, nickel-pyrrhotine product

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