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ArticleName “Giprotsvetmet” Institute — 85 years in development of Russian non-ferrous metallurgy
ArticleAuthor Potylitsyn V. A.

JSC “Giprotsvetmet”, Moscow, Russia:

V. A. Potylitsyn, Chief Executive Officer, e-mail:


“Giprotsvetmet” Institute made a substantial contribution to establishment and development of non-ferrous metal industry both in Russia and in CIS countries. It was involved in solution of most important problems, related to development of copper and polymetallic ore deposits in Central, Eastern and Southern Kazakhstan, South Urals, Central Asia, Caucasus and East Siberia.

keywords Metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, designing, research works, metallurgical enterprise, technical re-equipment, reconstruction

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2. Voronennkov Yu. P., Dranov N. P., Sedlov M. G., Neyman M. N. Rol Giprotsvetmeta v stanovlenii i razvitii otechestvennoy tsvetnoy metallurgii (Role of “Giprotsvetmet” Institute in creation and development of Russian non-ferrous metallurgy). Proektirovanie predpriyatiy tsvetnoy metallurgii: sbornik trudov (Designing of non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises: collection of proceedings). Moscow : Metallurgiya, 1979. pp. 5–36.
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4. Ptitsyn A. M., Dyudin Yu. K. Giprotsvetmet i vklad ego kollektiva v razvitie otechestvennoy tsvetnoy metallurgii (Giprotsvetmet and contribution of its members in development of Russian non-ferrous metallurgy). Moscow : “Giprotsvetmet” Institute, 2004.

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