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ArticleName Automation of preparation of uranium solutions
ArticleAuthor Kladiev S. N., Slobodyan S. M., Pishchulin V. P.

Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia:

S. N. Kladiev, Assistant Professor
S. M. Slobodyan, Professor (Institute of Natural Resources), e-mail:


Seversk Technological Institute of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Seversk, Russia:
V. P. Pishchulin, Professor (Chair of Machinery and Apparatuses of Chemical and Nuclear Industries)


This paper considers the technological process of preparation of uranium-containing raw materials for extraction purification on the site of uranium solutions preparation for refining. On the basis of analysis of chemical and precipitating refining methods, there was chosen the extraction process with a range of advantages in uranium concentrate processing technology. For the purpose of obtaining of nuclear-pure uranium compounds, required for NPP fuel, it is appropriate to carry out the extraction refining of uranium concentrates from plants of Priargun mining and chemical enterprise, Namibia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. There was considered the apparatus and technological scheme of the site of dissolution and preparation of uranium solutions for refining. Scheme modernization necessity is specified by application of centrifuge technology of uranium solutions purification from mechanical impurities. Carrying out of quantitative analysis of sedimentation kinetics for centrifuge separation of solid and liquid suspension phases is required for correct choice of type, productivity and operation modes of centrifuge. There were defined the conditions of preparation of solutions for centrifugation process: required limited volume concentration of solid phase in suspension, and its uniform volume distribution for increasing of phase separation process reliability. There was substantiated the necessity of humidity control of unloaded sediment. On the basis of simulation process of suspension separation in sediment centrifuge rotor, there was presented the automation scheme for technological site of preparation of uranium solution for refining on centrifuge extractors cascade. All control subsystems of software and hardware complex “UMICON” work in the “hot reserve” mode.

keywords Uranium refining, separation of solid and liquid parts, centrifuge, sediment unloading screw, flow rate control, controller, automation

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