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ArticleName Regularities of manufacturing of materials and thick coatings, based on the compositions “solid refractory compounds – self-fluxing alloy”
ArticleAuthor Stepanchuk A. N., Shevchuk M. B., Demidenko A. A.

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, Kiev, Ukraine:
A. N. Stepanchuk, Professor, e-mail:
M. B. Shevchuk, Junior Researcher
A. A. Demidenko, Post-Graduate Student


This paper shows the prospect of use of self-fluxing iron-based alloy for creation of multi-purpose composite materials and coatings. For the first time, there were studied the processes of air and protective medium wetting of hard alloys' wastes and some carbides of transition metals of the ІVa–VІa groups of the Periodic Table by iron-based alloy melt at different temperatures and different wetting time. There is shown that the wetting angle for the most studied systems and mediums is less than 10–20 arc degrees at the temperature of above 1200 оС and wetting time of more than 10 minutes. In contrast to wettability of refractory compounds by other metals and alloys, presence of such air wettability is explained by the property of iron-based melts of reduction and dissolution of surface oxides. There were defined the regularities of formation of the structure of composite materials in the process of their obtaining from refractory compounds by saturation of pellets by iron-based alloy melt. It is shown that refractory compounds are dissolved in ironbased alloy melt with following formation during crystallization of secondary structures. During the reaction of iron-based alloy melt with carbides, there can be formed the hypoeutectic, eutectic and hypereutectic structures with crystallization of secondary colonies of grains of Mе6C/Mе12C-type carbides. There were defined the conditions for manufacturing of composite materials and thick coatings, together with process of manufacturing of details by mold casting with absolute density and determined structure.

keywords Wetting, interaction, self-fluxing alloy, transition metal carbides, hard alloy, tungsten carbide, density, hardness

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