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Tsvetnye Metally

ArticleName JSC “Gipronickel institute” — yesterday, today, tomorrow. Strengthening of the institute
ArticleAuthors Kaitmazov N. G., Filippov V. S., Tsemekhman L. Sh.
ArticleAuthorsData Filippov V. S., phone: (812)335-30-62
ArticleName Problems and prospects of development of Russian metallurgical capacities of JSC MMC “Norilsk nickel” for the period till 2020
ArticleAuthors Mushkatin L. M., Dyachenko V. T.
ArticleAuthorsData Mushkatin L. M., phone: (812)335-31-96
Mining industry
ArticleName JSC “Gipronickel institute” and mining industry
ArticleAuthors Musher S. L., Kolesnikov G. K.
ArticleAuthorsData Kolesnikov G. K., phone: (812)335-31-10
ArticleName Technological innovations in the project of mining of ore deposits С-3 and С-4 of Taimyrsky mine
ArticleAuthors Bogdanov M. N., Goshev A. A., Kovtun Н. V., Mishanov V. A. T
ArticleAuthorsData Bogdanov M. N., phone: (3919)42-80-09
Geology and mineral processing
ArticleName Improvement of the technology of preparation of Cu-Ni ores processed at preparation plant of JSC “MMC “Norilsk nickel”
ArticleAuthors Maksimov V. I., Koroleva Е. V., Kozyrev S. M., Kravtsova O. A., Klemyatov A. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Maksimov V. I., phone: (812)335-30-76
ArticleName Forecasting of theoretically attainable parameters of concentration by the method of mineralogical simulation
ArticleAuthors Hashkovskaya T. N., Lyalinov D. V., Maksimov V. I., Vakhrusheva A. P., Kozyrev S. M.
ArticleAuthorsData Hashkovskaya T. N., phone: (812)335-31-00(44-53)
ArticleName Dual chamber Vanukov furnace. Perspectives of its usage in non-ferrous metallurgy
ArticleAuthors Tsymbulov L. B., Knyazev M. V., Tsemekhman L. Sh.
ArticleAuthorsData Tsymbulov L. B., e-mail:
ArticleName Continious converting of copper and copper-nickel matte. The modern state and results of researches
ArticleAuthors Tsemekhman L. Sh., Tsymbulov L. B., Knyazev M. V., Kajtmazov Н. G., Fomichev V. B.
ArticleAuthorsData Tsymbulov L. B., e-mail:
ArticleName Industrial tests of various reducing agents in tube-type furnaces of the plant “Severonickel”
ArticleAuthor Seregin P. S.
ArticleAuthorData Seregin P. S., phone: (812)335-31-00(41-92)
ArticleName Processing of titanium-containing concentrates of South-East Gremyakha deposit
ArticleAuthors Popov V. A., Seregin P. S., Tsemekhman L. Sh., Barsegyan V. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Popov V. A., phone: (812)335-31-00(41-19)
ArticleName Autoclave processing of nickel-containing sulphide concentrates
ArticleAuthors Kalashnikova M. I., Saltykov P . M., Shneerson Ya. M., Saltykova Е. G.
ArticleAuthorsData Kalashnikova M. I., phone: (812)335-31-12
ArticleName Reception of rich concentrates of platinum metals from semifinished products of copper-nickel production
ArticleAuthors Lastochkina M. A., Vergizova Т. V., Greiver T. N.
ArticleAuthorsData Lastochkina M. A., phone: (812)335-31-00(48-58)
ArticleName Mechanism of processing of copper-nickel matte concerning chlorine based on technology of electrolytic nickel production
ArticleAuthors Tsapah S. L., Demidov K. A., Khomchenko O. A., Sadovskaya G. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Tsapah S. L., phone: (812)335-32-86
Carbonyl technology
ArticleName Prospects of application of the carbonyl metallurgy processes and materials in the field of high technologies
ArticleAuthors Biketova L. V., Lisakov Yu. N., Mnukhin A. S., Pelikh Yu. M., Severgin Yu. P.
ArticleAuthorsData Biketova L. V., phone: (812)335-30-78
Ecology, standartization and information
ArticleName Up-to-date problems of ecology at metallurgical enterprises processing copper, copper-nickel and nickel raw materials
ArticleAuthors Karasev Yu. A., Tsemekhman L. S., Velyuzhinets G. A., Severilov A. V., Mashkovich K. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Tsemekhman L. S., e-mail:
ArticleName Development and introduction of the new system for testing of platinum-palladium concentrate at JSC “Kola MMC”
ArticleAuthors Glazatov A. N., Tsemekhman L. S., Spitsyn N. K., Maksimov D. B.
ArticleAuthorsData Glazatov A. N., phone: (812)335-31-40
ArticleName Development of the state standard samples for quality control of cobalt, nickel and copper, made JSC “MMC “Norilsk nickel”
ArticleAuthors Shabelnikova Т. V., Yakovleva L. E.
ArticleAuthorsData Shabelnikova Т. V., phone: (812)335-30-73
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