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Tsvetnye Metally

ArticleName Monitoring of market non-ferrous metals
ArticleName Comparative estimation of efficiency of credit and leasing sources of financing of the investment project of mini-production facilities
ArticleAuthors Rytikov A. M., Fityukova M. S., Rytikov S. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Rytikov S. A., e-mail:
ArticleName Influence of features of structure of minerals of fahl ore on technology of their processing
ArticleAuthor Dobrotsvetov B. L.
ArticleAuthorData Dobrotsvetov B. L., phone: 615-53-69.
ArticleName Express-method of strengthening of waterproofing for operating cleaning facilities
ArticleAuthor Zubchenko G. V.
ArticleAuthorData Zubchenko G. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Technology of complex processing of chrysotile asbestios ores with reception of gold-bearing flotation concentrate
ArticleAuthors Kobzhasov A. K., Abdrakhmanova D. K., Punenkov S. E.
ArticleAuthorsData Punenkov S. E., e-mail:
ArticleName The thermodynamic analysis of equilibrium between slag and blister copper in Vaniukov two-zone converter
ArticleAuthors Tsymbulov L. B., Kolosova E. Yu., Knyazev M. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Tsymbulov L. B., e-mail:
ArticleName Modern situation and perspectives of waelz-process usage for zinc extraction from dust of electric arc furnaces
ArticleAuthors Kozlov P. A., Povysheva E. V., Zolkina A. V., Vorobiev A. G.
ArticleAuthorsData Kozlov P. A., e-mail:
ArticleName 80 years in projecting
ArticleAuthor Ptitsyn A. M.
ArticleAuthorData Ptitsyn A. M., phone: (495)615-01-10.
ArticleName Testing of concentration technology for ores from “Kyzyk-Chadyr” deposit in Tuva
ArticleAuthors Burdin N. V., Lebedev V. I., Lebedev N. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Burdin N. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Research of direct photometrical determination of copper in nitrate solutions in the presence of silver
ArticleAuthors Sizyakov V. M., Zajtsev Yu. A., Kukolevsky A. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Sizyakov V. M., e-mail:
ArticleName Codeposition of noble metals in lead sulphate
ArticleAuthors Mironkina N. V., Ryumin A. I. , Sorkinova G. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Mironkina N. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Study of structural formin in aqueous solutions of vanadium (V) oxide
ArticleAuthors Islamov R. S., Suleimenov I. E., Romanteev Yu. P., Suleimenov E. N.
ArticleAuthorsData Islamov R. S., e-mail:
ArticleName Recovery of rhenium from molybdenum containing sulfuric acid solutions
ArticleAuthors Blokhin A. A., Maltseva E. E., Panchishina L. B., Murashkin Yu. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Blokhin A. A., e-mail:
ArticleName Influence of technological factors on structure and properties of ingots and semiproducts from aluminium alloy В96ts-3pch
ArticleAuthors Efremov V. P., Sukhikh A. Yu., Zamyatin V. M., Suslov G. A., Ivanov V. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Suslov G. A., e-mail:
ArticleName To the question on the theory of extrusion of non-ferrous metals with one-two strain centers
ArticleAuthor Zolkin V. N.
ArticleAuthorData Zolkin V. N., e-mail:
ArticleName Improvement of technology of production of collector shapes from electrotechnical bronze
ArticleAuthors Arsentieva N. S., Dashkevich O. N., Bokov N. F., Zheleznyak L. M. , Glukhova O. L.
ArticleName Mathematical model of the siemens-reactor as the object of management
ArticleAuthors Goryunov A. G., Kozin K. A., Liventsov S. N.,Gavrilov P. M., Revenko Yu. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Goryunov A. G., e-mail:
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