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Tsvetnye Metally

ArticleName Monitoring of market non-ferrous metals
ArticleName Management of diversification of production programs of metallurgical companies
ArticleAuthor Bodyaeva E. Yu.
ArticleAuthorData Bodyaeva E. Yu., e-mail:
ArticleName Choice of selective collectors for flotation of sulphide minerals
ArticleAuthor Ignatkina V. A.
ArticleAuthorData Ignatkina V. A., e-mail:, (495) 236-50-57.
ArticleName Investigation of cyaniding of gold- and silver-containing quartzite ores
ArticleAuthors Kanashvili R. Sh., Koiava N. Sh., Kobaidze V. M.
ArticleAuthorsData Kanashvili R. Sh., e-mail:
ArticleName Sulphidizing of oxidized nickel ore by vaporous sulphur
ArticleAuthors Bystrov S. V., Shchelkunov V. V., Tsoy A. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Shchelkunov V. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Carbothermic reduction of cobalt (II) oxide in a DC arc furnace
ArticleAuthors Zhukov V. P., Kniss V. A., Avdeev A. S., Kniss S. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Zhukov V. P., e-mail:
ArticleName Hydrometallurgical technology for processing of lead cakes of zinc production using complex-forming reagents
ArticleAuthors Karelov S. V., Sergeev V. A., Pan’shin A. M., Mamyachenkov S. V., Anisimova O. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Mamyachenkov S. V., e-mail:
ArticleName 40th anniversary of the first gold ingot of Navoi mining and metallurgical works
ArticleAuthor Sanakulov K. S.
ArticleAuthorData Sanakulov K. S., (8-10-998-79) 227-71-54.
ArticleName 40th anniversary of No. 2 Hydrometallurgical plant
ArticleAuthor Stepura V. N.
ArticleAuthorData Stepura V. N., (8-10-998-79) 577-32-50.
ArticleName The main principles of development technical policy at No. 2 Hydrometallurgical plant
ArticleAuthors Cherkasov V. Yu., Ageev D. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Cherkasov V. Yu., (8-10-998-79) 577-33-82.
ArticleName Central work’s laboratory: stages of strengthening and development
ArticleAuthor Korotovskikh G. A.
ArticleAuthorData Korotovskikh G. A., (8-10-998-79) 577-36-39.
ArticleName Estimation of involvement prospects of rocks with low content of useful component in processing at “Muruntau” deposit
ArticleAuthors Sytenkov V. N., Rudnev S. V., Naimova R. Sh.
ArticleAuthorsData Sytenkov V. N., (8-10-998-79) 577-02-04.
ArticleName Quality management for initial ore stream at “Muruntau” quarry
ArticleAuthor Snitka N. P.
ArticleAuthorData Snitka N. P., (8-10-998-79) 577-84-50.
ArticleName Increase of reliability of the components of mill equipment at No. 2 Hydrometallurgical plant
ArticleAuthors Petrenko A. V., Martynov D. V., Kichenko V. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Petrenko A. V., (8-10-998-79) 577-33-76.
ArticleName Improvement of electrochemical gold refining in chloronitric acid electrolyte
ArticleAuthor Kuzivanov A. F.
ArticleAuthorData Kuzivanov A. F., (8-10-998-79) 577-36-82.
ArticleName Improvement of the technique of laboratorial investigations in technological preparation of heap leaching process for ores from “Muruntau” deposit
ArticleAuthor Vasilyuk P. A.
ArticleAuthorData Vasilyuk P. A., (8-10-998-79) 577-36-82.
ArticleName Quality of analysis of finished products at No. 2 Hydrometallurgical plant: guarantee of reservation of the “optimal gold delivery status”
ArticleAuthor Kustova L. A.
ArticleAuthorData Kustova L. A., (8-10-998-79) 577-33-28.
ArticleName Main directions of the development of pulp thickening technological stage at No. 2 Hydrometallurgical plant
ArticleAuthor Ageev D. S.
ArticleAuthorData Ageev D. S., (8-10-998-79) 577-35-29.
ArticleName Automation of thickening process at No. 2 Hydrometallurgical plant: ways of solution
ArticleAuthor Loy V. V.
ArticleAuthorData Loy V. V., (8-10-998-79) 577-36-59
ArticleName Stages of development of information technologies at No. 2 Hydrometallurgical plant
ArticleAuthors Saliev Kh. A., Loy V. V., Chekh M. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Saliev Kh. A., (8-10-998-79) 577-02-15.
ArticleName “Krastsvetmet” JSC looks in the future with confidence
ArticleAuthors Tikhov I. V., Shul’gin D. R.
ArticleAuthorsData Shul’gin D. R., e-mail:
ArticleName Study of regularities of varying oxygen content in Pl-Pd alloys depending on rate of plastic deformation and development of recrystallization processes
ArticleAuthors Mamonov S. N., Biront V. S., Gurskaya V. Yu., Volkova E. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Mamonov S. N., e-mail:
ArticleName Permeability of bottom blocks and service life of aluminium electrolyzers
ArticleAuthors Khramenko S. A., Polyakov P. V., Pingin V. V., Borisov V. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Khramenko S. A., e-mail:
ArticleName Study of sorption of germanium, zinc and lead on anion-exchange resin
ArticleAuthors Chistyakov A. A., Chirkst D. E., Cheremisina O. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Chistyakov A. A., e-mail:
ArticleName Study of diethylzinc hydrolysis in fabrication of zinc oxide powder depleted by 64Zn isotope
ArticleAuthors Skorynin G. M., Kononov D. B., Morozov O. A., Timofeev D. V., Guzeeva T. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Timofeev D. V., e-mail:; Guzeeva T. I., e-mail: guzeevа
ArticleName Construction nanostructural alloys on aluminium base
ArticleAuthor Elagin V. I.
ArticleAuthorData Elagin V. I., (495)-444-93-97.
ArticleName Study of the methods of increase of copper heat resistance and improvement of properties of copper-aluminium diffusion layer.
ArticleAuthors Radyuk A. G., Titlyanov A. E., Kuznetsov V. E., Ukraintsev A. E.
ArticleAuthorsData Ukraintsev A. E., (495)-638-46-47.
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