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Tsvetnye Metally

ArticleName Strategic partnership between “Norilsk nickel” mining and metallurgical corporation and Norilsk industrial institute
ArticleAuthors El’kanov R. D., Markeev M. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Markeev M. A., (3919)46-34-47.
ArticleName Reading the historic pages
ArticleAuthor Tkacheva E. V.
ArticleAuthorData Tkacheva E. V., (3919) 42-16-32
ArticleName The chair of metallurgy of non-ferrous metals, general chemistry and safety of living and working: history and prospects
ArticleAuthors Nosova O. V., Petukhova L. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Nosova O. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Engineering-economical department — forever!
ArticleAuthors Kuznetsova M. V., Tolstov V. A., Tsyrul’nik R. P., Rogal’sky G. L., Fomicheva S. G.
ArticleAuthorsData Rogal’sky G. L., e-mail:
ArticleName Creation of share indexes for forecasting securities of «Norilsk nickel» mining and metallurgical corporation
ArticleAuthor Butyrin A. A.
ArticleAuthorData Butyrin A. A., e-mail:
ArticleName Methodical approach to the system of internal distribution of profit for mining and metallurgical enterprises
ArticleAuthors Chekmeneva E. V., Goremykina E. V., Luskatova O. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Chekmeneva E. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Organization of preparation of managers for operating the investment projects in Zapolyarny (transpolar) affiliate of “Norilsk nickel” mining and metallurgical corporation
ArticleAuthors Naftal’ M. N., Rogal’sky G. L., Belousova E. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Naftal’ M. N., e-mail:
ArticleName Deposits of Taimyr
ArticleAuthors Badtiev B. P., Bibik S. D.
ArticleAuthorsData Bibik S. D., (3919) 42-16-32.
ArticleName Actuality of predicting volumetric location of geological parameters of a deposit
ArticleAuthors Lebedeva E. V., Lededev V. N.
ArticleAuthorsData Lededev V. N., (3919)35-14-32.
ArticleName Scientific-research accompanying the construction and operation of tailing storages in cryolite area
ArticleAuthor Butyugin V. V.
ArticleAuthorData Butyugin V. V., (3919)42-16-32.
ArticleName Durability of iron concrete constructions for industrial buildings of metallurgical works in the far North Region
ArticleAuthor Ryseva O. P.
ArticleName Development of the control system for temperature conditions of melting process in the Vanyukov furnace
ArticleAuthors Semenova I. N., Kirpichenkov I. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Semenova I. N., (3919) 42-16-32.
ArticleName Influence of surface active substances such as alkylsulphonates on anode process in the technologies of nickel electric refining and electric extraction
ArticleAuthors Agzametdinova G. I., Nosova O. V., Yur’yev A. I., Bol’shakov L. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Agzametdinova G. I., e-mail:
ArticleName Investigation and calculation of geometric parameters in rolling of non-ferrous billets with continuously increasing reduction
ArticleAuthors Pilipenko S. S., Potapenkov A. P., Serebrennikov Yu. G., Markov D. S., Sosnovskaya L. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Pilipenko S. S., e-mail:
ArticleName Optimization of neuro-circuit processing of shape photogrammes of hard conductors
ArticleAuthors Fomicheva S. G., Dubenko B. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Fomicheva S. G., e-mail:
ArticleName Automation of stages “Diagnostics and Modelling” programs of manufacture perfection on polar division «Norilsk nickel»
ArticleAuthors Fomicheva S. G., Dvojnov P. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Fomicheva S. G., e-mail:
ArticleName Automatic system for control of the process of sulphur extraction from waste gases in autogenous generators
ArticleAuthors Deryabin M. Yu., Pisarev A. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Deryabin M. Yu., 8-(3919) 43-35-12.
ArticleName Revealing man-caused formations in metallurgical production, method of their account and extraction of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthors Narbekova T. N., Krushenko G. G.
ArticleAuthorsData Narbekova T. N., е-mail:
ArticleName Experience of putting into practice the integrated system for quality management and control on environment protection at the enterprises of Norilsk industrial region
ArticleAuthor Karmanovskaya N. V.
ArticleAuthorData Karmanovskaya N. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Aspirating systems for air cleaning and features of their usage in the process of ore beneficiation
ArticleAuthors Korovkin V. P., Kuzina A. V., Umnova E. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Korovkin V. P., (3919) 42-16-32.
Journals →  Tsvetnye Metally →  2009 →  #5