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Tsvetnye Metally

ArticleName Moscow state medical*stomatological university, the innovative high school
ArticleAuthor Yanushevich O. O.
ArticleName Features of structure and heat treatment of Golhadent alloy for orthopedic stomatology
ArticleAuthors Portnoy V. K., Stepanova G. S., Parunov V. A., Fishgoit L. A., Stepanova M. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Portnoy V. K., (495)-638-44-80; Parunov V. A., e-mail:
ArticleName Substantiation of usage of Casdent gold alloy for manufacture of clasp dental prostheses
ArticleAuthors Lebedenko I. Yu., Tagil’tsev D. I., Manin O. I., Parunov V. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Tagil’tsev D. I., e-mail:
ArticleName Modification of a metal surface and use of electroadhesive forces for improvement of adhesive characteristics in tooth replacement
ArticleAuthors Pshchelko N. S., Shappo S. E.
ArticleAuthorsData Pshchelko N. S., e-mail:
ArticleName On strengthening of adhesion of contacting surfaces in the “metal—dielectric” system via electro physical and chemical-physical methods
ArticleAuthors Pshchelko N. S., Syrkov A. G., Bystrov D. S., Syrkov D. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Syrkov A. G., e-mail:
ArticleName Usage of the new national gold solder alloy Golpident (Super VP) for metalloceramic dental prostheses
ArticleAuthors Kazieva K. O., Lebedenko I. Yu., Parunov V. A., Stepanova G. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Parunov V. A., e-mail:
ArticleName Choice of optimal gold-based alloy for manufacturing crowns in combined treatment using clasp dental prostheses from Casdent alloy
ArticleAuthors Lebedenko I. Yu., Manin O. I., Tagil’tsev D. I., Urusov K. Kh.
ArticleAuthorsData Tagil’tsev D. I., e-mail:
ArticleName Features of usage of stomatological alloys in manufacturing metalloceramic dentures
ArticleAuthors Makarychev Yu. B., Lebedenko A. I., Shirokova Yu. A., Anisimov Yu. L.
ArticleAuthorsData Makarychev Yu. B., 8-(495)-330-09-38.
ArticleName Superplastic forming of titanium orthopedic bases for stomatology
ArticleAuthors Lebedenko I. Yu., Portnoy V. K., Parunov V. A., Stepanova G. S., Levchenko V. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Lebedenko I. Yu., e-mail:
ArticleName Prophylaxis of intolerance to metal alloys
ArticleAuthors Dubova L. V., Volozhin A. I., Lebedenko I. Yu.
ArticleAuthorsData Lebedenko I. Yu., e-mail:
ArticleName Technology of creation of Ni-Ti-electrodes for extraction of fragments of entodontic tools from root tooth channel
ArticleAuthors Beloglazov I. N., Mustafaev A. S., Tsyganov A. B., Chirtsov A. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Mustafaev A. S., 8 (812) 328-84-28.
ArticleName Color of gold alloys for dentistry
ArticleAuthors Vasekin V. V., Tykochinskiy D. S., Levchenko S. D.
ArticleAuthorsData Vasekin V. V., e-mail:
ArticleName Study of biocompatibility of palladium-based alloy Superpal for manufacture of integrally cast dental prostheses
ArticleAuthor Pustovaya E. P.
ArticleAuthorData Pustovaya E. P., e-mail:
ArticleName Toxicological examination of samples of the new palladium-based alloy for clasp dental prostheses
ArticleAuthor Deev M. S.
ArticleAuthorData Deev M. S., +7 (495) 744-87-66.
ArticleName Alloys of noble (precious) metals in stomatology
ArticleAuthors Parunov V. A., Parunova S. N.
ArticleAuthorsData Parunov V. A., e-mail:
ArticleName Titanium alloys in orthopedic stomatology
ArticleAuthors Dashkova M. S., Bykova M. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Dashkova M. S., e-mail:
ArticleName Usage of metalloceramic dental prostheses from Plagodent (Super KM), gold-based alloy
ArticleAuthors Zolotnitsky I. V., Lebedenko A. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Zolotnitsky I. V., +7 (495) 729-44-32.
ArticleName Usage of domestic gold alloy Golhadent in orthopedic stomatology
ArticleAuthors Manketova S. A., Parunov V. A.
ArticleName Teeth gold cover plates as a part of fashion industry
ArticleAuthors Parunov V. A., Parunova S. N., Pal’chak V. V.
ArticleName Stomatological medical tools from the memorial collection of Peter the Great
ArticleAuthor Yastrebinsky G. B.
ArticleAuthorData Yastrebinsky G. B., e-mail:
ArticleName The museum of history of the Moscow state medical-stomatological university
ArticleAuthor Pashkov K. A.
Journals →  Tsvetnye Metally →  2009 →  #3