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The article «Prospects of application of water preparation of electrochemical technology in copper-zinc ores flotation» (the item «BENEFICIATION») shows the influence of the properties of the liquid phase, regulated with water preparation electrochemical technology, on the indicators of flotation concentration of Uchaly copper-zinc ores. There were investigated the changes of physical and chemical parameters of water, its electrolysis products, liquid phase of pulp and their interaction with technological flotation indicators. There was shown a possibility of directed change of flotation copper-zinc ore concentration indicators, using electrochemical technology of water preparation. There was also offered the mechanism of the change of surface technological properties of sulfide minerals under the influence of electrochemically processed waters.


The article «Autoclave processing of copper-bearing materials» (the item «HEAVY NON-FERROUS METALS») describes the basic ways of development of autoclave hydrometallurgy of copper and shows the brief review of the practice of enterprises, carrying out the autoclave processing of sulfide copper-bearing raw materials.


The article «Prospects of titanium dioxide nanotube usage for the high-performance uranium ion sorption» shows the research of sorption characteristics of layer titanium dioxide nanotubes during radioactive uranyl-ion UO22+ sorption from water medium.


The article «Impact of the functional coating on service durability of injection molds for the zinc alloys pressure casting» describes the coating, which, in comparison with nitrated surface, allows the increasing of either the quality of castings, or the productive capacity of die casting process. The use of multilayer coatings, sprayed by the method of cathode-ion bombardment, allows the increasing of the quality of obtained coatings according to the porosity.


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ArticleName International review of market of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthor Korneev S. I.

Korneev S. I., Senior Analyst of "Managing Company "Metalloinvest" LLC, e-mail:

ArticleName Social significance of PLS-PM modelling of copper industry enterprises (by the example of JSC Uralelectromed”)
ArticleAuthor Bazhenov O. V.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg, Russia:

O. V. Bazhenov, Assistant Professor of a Chair of Accounting, Analysis and Audit, e-mail:

ArticleName Prospects of application of water preparation of electrochemical technology in copper-zinc ores flotation
ArticleAuthors Chanturiya E. L., Chanturiya V. A., Zhuravleva E. S.

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:

E. L. Chanturiya, Professor of a Chair of Concentration, e-mail:

Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources (IPKON) of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia:
V. A. Chanturiya, Chief Researcher
E. S. Zhuravleva, Junior Researcher

ArticleName Phase composition and thermal properties of oxidized nickel ore from Kulikovskoe deposit
ArticleAuthors Selivanov E. N., Sergeeva S. V., Gulyaeva R. I.

Institute of Metallurgy of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia:

E. N. Selivanov, Director of Institute, e-mail:
S. V. Sergeeva, Junior Researcher
R. I. Gulyaeva, Senior Researcher

ArticleName Autoclave processing of copper-bearing materials
ArticleAuthors Zaytsev P. V., Shneerson Ya. M.

LLC “Scientific-Research Center “Gidrometallurgiya”, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

P. V. Zaytsev, Researcher, e-mail:
Ya. M. Shneerson, Chief Executive Officer, e-mail:

ArticleName Research of the properties of an aluminium electrolytic cell anode cover materials
ArticleAuthors Shakhray S. G., Polyakov P. V., Ivanova A. M., Shaydulin E. R.

Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia:

S. G. Shakhray, Assistant Professor (Chair of Technosphere Safety of Mining and Metallurgical Production), e-mail:
P. V. Polyakov, Professor-Consultant (Chair of Non-Ferrous Metals Metallurgy)


Scientific-Technical Center “Elter”, Krasnoyarsk, Russia:
A. M. Ivanova, Chief Executive Officer


LLC “RUSAL Engineering-Technical Center”, Krasnoyarsk, Russia:
E. R. Shaydulin, Manager

ArticleName Selective extraction of zirconium and hafnium from concentrated solutions by tributylphosphate
ArticleAuthor Valkov A. V.

National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Moscow, Russia:

A. V. Valkov, Professor of General Chemistry Chair, e-mail:

ArticleName Semi-industrial testings of sorption technology of rhenium extraction from the waste waters of Balkash copper smelting plant metallurgical gas scrubbing
ArticleAuthors Zagorodnyaya A. N., Abisheva Z. S., Sharipova A. S., Zhumabekov Zh. Zh.

JSC “Center of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Benefication”, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan:

A. N. Zagorodnyaya, Chief Researcher, e-mail:
Z. S. Abisheva, President
A. S. Sharipova, Reseacher


Republican State Enterprise “Jezkazganredmet”, Jezkazgan, Republic of Kazakhstan:
Zh. Zh. Zhumabekov, Deputy Head of Rare Metal Shop

ArticleName Prospects of titanium dioxide nanotube usage for the high-performance uranium ion sorption
ArticleAuthors Chubik M. P., Osipova N. A., Gonets A. V., Chubik M. V.

Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia:

M. P. Chubik, Assistant Professor (Chair of Geoecology and Geochemistry)
N. A. Osipova, Assistant Professor (Chair of Geoecology and Geochemistry)
A. V. Gonets, Post-Graduate Student (Chair of Geoecology and Geochemistry), e-mail:
M. V. Chubik, Assistant Professor, Chair of Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry

ArticleName Structure of TiO2 – ZrO2 – SiO2 tubes
ArticleAuthors Trukhina I. G., Mansurov Yu. N., Reva V. P., Pimenov V. A.

Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia:

I. G. Trukhina, Master's Degree Student (Chair of Materials Science and Material Technology)
Yu. N. Mansurov, Professor, Head of a Chair of Materials Science and Material Technology, e-mail:
V. P. Reva, Assistant Professor (Chair of Materials Science and Material Technology)
V. A. Pimenov, Assistant (Chair of Materials Science and Material Technology)

ArticleName Impact of the functional coating on service durability of injection molds for the zinc alloys pressure casting
ArticleAuthors Gavariev R. V., Savin I. A., Leushin I. O.

Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev — КAI, Kazan, Russia:

R. V. Gavariev, Senior Lecturer of a Chair “Design-Technological Supplying of Machine-Building Productions”, e-mail:
I. A. Savin, Assistant Professor, Head of a Chair “Design-Technological Supplying of Machine-Building Productions”

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia:
I. O. Leushin, Professor, Head of a Chair “Metallurgical Technologies and Equipment”

ArticleName Degassing and modification of aluminum-tin alloys
ArticleAuthors Mironov A. E., Gershman I. S., Kotova E. G.

Railway Research Institute, Moscow, Russia:

A. E. Mironov, Leading Researcher
I. S. Gershman, Head of Laboratory of Non-Ferrous Metals and Tribology, e-mail:
E. G. Kotova, Post-Graduate Student

ArticleName Precision heating of cylindrical nonmagnetic blanks in inductor before the forming
ArticleAuthors Demidovich V. B., Rastvorova I. I.

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

V. B. Demidovich, Professor, Chief Researcher (Inter-Branch Laboratory “Modern Electrotechnologies”), e-mail:


National Mineral Resources University, Saint Petersburg, Russia:
I. I. Rastvorova, Assistant Professor of a Chair of Electronic Systems

ArticleName Layer thickness influence on the Inconel 718 alloy microstructure and properties under selective laser melting
ArticleAuthors Sufiiarov V. Sh., Popovich A. A., Borisov E. V., Polozov I. A.

Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

V. Sh. Sufiiarov, Leading Researcher, e-mail:
A. A. Popovich, Professor, Director of the Institute of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport
E. V. Borisov, Post-Graduate Student, Researcher
I. A. Polozov, Student, Engineer

ArticleName Zirconium iodide refining automation system working out using the experience for creating an automatically-controlled stand based on the shaft resistance furnaces
ArticleAuthors Lavrikov S. A., Kotsar M. L., Andreev A. V., Chernyshev A. A.

All-Russian Research Institute of Chemical Technologies, Moscow, Russia:

S. A. Lavrikov, Leading Researcher
M. L. Kotsar, Head of Laboratory, e-mail:


JSC “Chepetsky Mechanical Plant”, Glazov, Russia:
A. V. Andreev, Head of a Shop
A. A. Chernyshev, Head of a Group

ArticleName Strategy tasks of the russian metallurgical complex
ArticleAuthors Sizyakov V. M., Vlasov A. A., Bazhin V. Yu.

National Mineral Resources University, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

V. M. Sizyakov, Professor of a Chair of Metallurgy
A. A. Vlasov, Assistant of a Chair of Metallurgy
V. Yu. Bazhin, Head of a Chair of Automation of Technological Processes and Productions, e-mail:

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