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The article by N. K. Algebraistova, N. B. Khmelev, E. A. Vorontsova and A. S. Markova, published in the «Benefication» section, gives the results of concentratibility researches of lining cobbings of refinery smelting furnaces.


The section «Noble metals and alloys» includes the third part of the article by D. V. Ermakov and N. V. Vorobev-Desyatovskiy, devoted to the methods of oxidized detoxication of cyanide-containing solutions and pulps of gold-mining industry. The same section includes the article by A. I. Khlebnikov «Modern industrial experience of application of vacuum distillation of silver for separation of gold-silver alloy». This article considers the method of separation of gold-silver alloys, which allows the converter to make a significant decreasing of recirculated metal costs, decreasing of operational costs, and minimization of harmful discharges in working area and environment.


The section «Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors» includes the article by A. V. Kasimtsev, N. Yu. Tabachkova, G. M. Voldman and S. N. Yudin, devoted to the development of approach to definition of optimal conditions of obtaining of ultra- and nanodispersed powders of titanium carbide by hydride-calcium method.


This issue opens the series of articles about persons, which works made Russian non-ferrous metallurgy a viable industrial complex. Two articles, devoted to the 110-th anniversary of P. F. Lomako, are published in the section «To the 90-th anniversary of the journal».

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ArticleName International review of market of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthor Korneev S. I.

Korneev S. I., Senior Analyst of "Managing Company "Metalloinvest" LLC, e-mail:

ArticleName Vertically-integrated company as the basis of development of rare-earth industry in Russia
ArticleAuthor Vernigora A. S.

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:

A. S. Vernigora, Post-Graduate Student (Chair of Applied Economics), e-mail:

ArticleName Development of technology of metal extraction from shards of refining industry furnaces
ArticleAuthors Algebraistova N. K., Khmelev N. B., Vorontsova E. A., Markova A. S.

Siberian Federal University, Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science, Krasnoyarsk, Russia:

N. K. Algebraistova, Professor (Chair of Concentration of Minerals), e-mail:

E. A. Vorontsova, Student
A. S. Markova, Post-Graduate Student (Chair of Concentration of Minerals)


“Krasnoyarsk Plant of Non-Ferrous Metals named after V. N. Gulidov” JSC, Krasnoyarsk, Russia:

N. B. Khmelev, Deputy Head of a Shop of Concentration of Platinum Group Metals

ArticleName Compounds of Р (III) — prospect collectors in the time of flotation of sulfide minerals and ores. Part 2. Theoretical researches of diethoxyphosphinecarbodithion acids — analogues of dialkyldithiocarbamic acids
ArticleAuthor Solozhenkin P. M.

Institute of Problems of Comprehensive Exploration of Subsoils of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia:

P. M. Solozhenkin, Chief Researcher, e-mail:

ArticleName Briquetting of fine grained materials
ArticleAuthors Ozerov S. S., Portov A. B., Tsemekhman L. Sh.

“Institute Gipronickel” LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

S. S. Ozerov, Junior Researcher, e-mail:
A. B. Portov, Researcher
L. Sh. Tsemekhman, Head of Laboratory of Pyrometallurgy

ArticleName Basic problems of decontamination of cyanidecontaining solutions and pulps of gold-mining industry in Russia. Part 2. Oxidation detoxification methods
ArticleAuthors Ermakov D. V., Vorobev-Desyatovskiy N. V.

SRK Consulting, Moscow, Russia:

D. V. Ermakov, Senior Dressing Engineer

“Polymetall Engineering” JSC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

N. V. Vorobev-Desyatovskiy, Head of Department of Hydrometallurgy, e-mail:

ArticleName Modern industrial experience of application of vacuum distillation of silver for separation of gold-silver alloy
ArticleAuthor Khlebnikov A. I.

JSC “Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant”, Ekaterinburg, Russia:

A. I. Khlebnikov, Chief Metallurgist, e-mail:

ArticleName Measurement of emission of perfluorocarbons (CF4, C2F6) from electrolyzers in the process of electrolytic production of aluminium
ArticleAuthors Burkat V. S., Zorko K. I., Rebrik I. I.

“RUSAL Engineering-Technological Center” LLC, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

V. S. Burkat, Director of Ecology Department
K. I. Zorko, Specialist of Department of Ecoanalytical Measurements of Ecology Department, e-mail:


RUSAL Global Management B. V., Moscow, Russia:
I. I. Rebrik, Director of Department of Ecology, Labor Protection and Industrial Safety of United Company RUSAL

ArticleName Metal-thermal synthesis and properties of ultra- and nanopowders of titanium carbide
ArticleAuthors Kasimtsev A. V., Tabachkova N. Yu., Voldman G. M., Yudin S. N.

“Metsintez” LLC, Tula, Russia:

A. V. Kasimtsev, Executive Officer, e-mail:


National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:
N. Yu. Tabachkova, Assistant Professor of a Chair of Materials Science of Semiconductors and Dielectrics


Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies, Moscow, Russia:
G. M. Voldman, Professor of a Chair of Chemistry and Technology of Nano-sized and Composite Materials


Tula State University, Tula, Russia:
S. N. Yudin, Post-Graduate Student

ArticleName Estimation of efficiency of preliminary mechanical activation of low-grade tungstenite concentrate by X-ray diffraction analysis. Part 2
ArticleAuthors Bogatyreva E. V., Ermilov A. G.

Chair of Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold, National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:

E. V. Bogatyreva, Assistant Professor, e-mail:
A. G. Ermilov, Ex-employee

ArticleName Research of kinetics of sulfuric acid extraction of lithium from spodumene, activated by fusion with sodium carbonate
ArticleAuthors Onalbaeva Zh. S., Samoylov V. I., Kulenova N. A., Zelenin V. I., Baygazova N. A.

D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Republic of Kazakhstan:

Zh. S. Onalbaeva, Doctoral Candidate, e-mail:
V. I. Samoylov, Assistant Professor
N. A. Kulenova, Head of a Chair “Chemistry, Metallurgy and Concentration”
N. A. Baygazova, Assistant Professor of a Chair “Information Systems”

Ural Federal University named after first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg, Russia:

V. I. Zelenin, Professor of a Chair “Rare Metals and Nanomaterials”

ArticleName Influence of copper on formation of cast microstructure of aluminium alloys, containing 1% (wt.) of Mn
ArticleAuthors Belov N. A., Alabin A. N., Yakovlev A. A.

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:

N. A. Belov, Professor, Director of Engineering Center “Innovation cast technologies and materials”, e-mail:
A. N. Alabin, Senior Researcher, Head of Department of Engineering Center “Innovation cast technologies and materials”
A. A. Yakovlev, Post-Graduate Student

ArticleName Research of possibility of laser-chemical purification of metallic surfaces
ArticleAuthors Kaplunov I. A., Rogalin V. E., Filin S. A.

Tver State University, Tver, Russia:

I. A. Kaplunov, Professor, e-mail:

“National center of laser systems and complexes” JSC, Moscow, Russia:
V. E. Rogalin, Head of a Sector


Plekhanov National Academy of Economics, Moscow, Russia:
S. A. Filin, Assistant Professor

ArticleName Barothermography of phase transformations and structure of hypereutectic alloy Al – 16% (atm) Si
ArticleAuthors Dedyaeva E. V., Akopyan T. K., Padalko A. G., Fedotov V. T.

A. A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Moscow, Russia:

E. V. Dedyaeva, Post-Graduate Student
T. K. Akopyan, Acting Junior Researcher, e-mail:
A. G. Padalko, Head of Laboratory


National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Moscow, Russia:
V. T. Fedotov, Senior Researcher

ArticleName Peculiarities of development of blasting process in the time of purging of liquid bath in horizontal converter. Part 2
ArticleAuthors Matyukhin V. I., Panshin A. M., Skopin D. Yu., Bulatov K. V.

Ural Federal University named after first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg, Russia:

V. I. Matyukhin, Assistant Professor of a Chair of Thermal Physics and Informatics in Metallurgy, e-mail:


JSC “Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company”, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia:
A. M. Panshin, Technical Officer

“Mednogorsk Copper-Sulfur Combine” JSC, Mednogorsk, Russia:
D. Yu. Skopin, Chief Metallurgist
K. V. Bulatov, Chief Executive Officer

ArticleName Results of application of automatic system of controlling of process of aluminium slag processing
ArticleAuthors Lipanov A. M., Zhirov D. K.

Institute of Mechanics of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Izhevsk, Russia:

A. M. Lipanov, Chief Researcher
D. K. Zhirov, Researcher, e-mail:

To the 90-th anniversary of the journal
ArticleName To the 110-th anniversary of Pyotr F. Lomako
ArticleAuthor Ermakov G. P.

G. P. Ermakov, Former Deputy Minister of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy of USSR, phone: +7 (919) 960-30-76, Moscow, Russia

ArticleName Pyotr F. Lomako and his period
ArticleAuthor Aristov I. S.

I. S. Aristov, Member of Krasnoyarsk Community in Moscow, e-mail:, Moscow, Russia.

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