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This issue includes the articles, which describe the subject-matter on heavy non-ferrous metals, rare metals and composite materials. This issue shares the problems of theory and practice of ore concentration, production and processing of non-ferrous metals, complex use of crude ore, economics and management of production.


The section «Economics and management of production» includes an interview with D. L. Zverev (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Designer of «Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering» JSC), and article by A. V. Putilov, A. G. Vorobev, D. V. Timokhin et al about economical aspects of forecasting of development of energetics (in particular, nuclear energy, based on transportable nuclear power plants).


On the basis of data of Interstate Statistical Committee of CIS, national statistic services of CIS countries, materials of Bulletin of Foreign Commercial Information and specialized publications, the article «Non-ferrous metallurgy in mining and metallurgical complex of the CIS countries» describes the analysis of the status of economics of CIS countries to the end of 2012.


The article by I. N. Tanutrov and M. N. Sviridova, published in the section «Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors» describes the base results of physical-chemical researches on thermodynamics and kinetics of high-temperature systems, containing germanium, its compounds and alloys. There are given the data on development and commissioning of pyrometallurgical technology of obtaining of germannium concentrates from industrial semi-products and wastes.


The article by G. K. Baryshev, V. I. Pantsyrnyy, A. P. Biryukov and V. I. Surin tells about the research of properties of two-phase metall-matrix Cu – Nb composites by structural-sensitive methods of functional electrophysical diagnostics.


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ArticleName International review of market of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthor Korneev S. I.

Korneev S. I., Senior Analyst of "Managing Company "Metalloinvest" LLC, e-mail:

ArticleName Methods of improvement of forecasting of development of mineral deposits’ power supply
ArticleAuthors Putilov A. V., Vorobev A. G., Timokhin D. V., Razorenov M. Yu., Myakota E. A.

National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia:

A. V. Putilov, Professor, Dean of a Faculty of Management and Economics of High Technologies, e-mail:

D. V. Timokhin, Assistant Professor (Chair of Economics)
M. Yu. Razorenov, Assistant (Chair of Economics)
E. A. Myakota, Senior Lecturer (Chair of Economics)

1National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia; 2“Ore and Metals” Publishing House, Moscow, Russia:

A. G. Vorobev, Professor, Head of a Chair of Economics1; Editor-in-Chief2

ArticleName World uranium market and intellectual capital management
ArticleAuthors Zaytseva E. G., Kireev S. V.

National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia:

E. G. Zaytseva, Post-Graduate Student of a Chair of Economics and Management in Industry, e-mail:
S. V. Kireev, Professor of a Chair of Laser Physics

ArticleName Non-ferrous metallurgy in mining and metallurgical complex of the CIS countries (review by the end of 2012)
ArticleAuthors Kozyrev V. S., Nechaev A. V.

National Subsoil Expertise Association, Moscow, Russia:

V. S. Kozyrev, Expert


Statistic Committee of the CIS, Moscow, Russia:

A. V. Nechaev, Specialist-Expert, phone: +7 (495) 607-27-81

ArticleName Analysis of pulsing mode of high voltage supply in corona-type electrostatic separators during the finishing of roughing bulk concentrates
ArticleAuthor Suleymenov O. A.

Chair “Mining”, Taraz State University named after M. Kh. Dulaty, Taraz, Kazakhstan:

O. A. Suleymenov, Professor, e-mail:

ArticleName Investigation of copper distribution between lead and slag in reducing bubble process
ArticleAuthors Kotykhov M. I., Fedorov A. N., Lukavyy S. L., Khabiev R. P.

Chair of Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold, National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:

M. I. Kotykhov, Post-Graduate Student, e-mail:
A. N. Fedorov, Professor
S. L. Lukavyy, Assistant
R. P. Khabiev, Senior Lecturer

ArticleName Kinetics of oxidation of sulfide zinc concentrates
ArticleAuthors Panshin A. M., Kozlov P. A., Terentev V. M.

“UMMC-Holding” LLC, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia:

A. M. Panshin, Technical Director


“Chelyabinsk zinc plant” JSC, Chelyabinsk, Russia:
P. A. Kozlov, Head of Engineering Center, e-mail:
V. M. Terentev, Leading Processing Engineer of Engineering Center

ArticleName Development of high-efficiency innovation manufacturing of prospective refractory materials for non-ferrous metallurgy
ArticleAuthors Slovikovskiy V. V., Ponetaeva N. Kh., Gulyaeva A. V.

Chair of Engineering Graphics of Institute of Fundamental Education, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg, Russia:

V. V. Slovikovskiy, Assistant Professor
N. Kh. Ponetaeva, Head of a Chair
A. V. Gulyaeva, Senior Lecturer, e-mail:

ArticleName Electrochemical extraction of platinum from the Purolite S920 resin
ArticleAuthors Adeeva L. N., Mironov A. V., Borbat V. F.

Chair of Inorganic Chemistry, Omsk State University, Omsk, Russia:

L. N. Adeeva, Professor, e-mail:
A. V. Mironov, Post-Graduate Student
V. F. Borbat, Professor, Head of a Chair

ArticleName Influence of ultrasound on the process of electrochemical dissolution of copper collector
ArticleAuthors Strizhko L. S., Shigin E. S., Gavrilov S. A.

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:

L. S. Strizhko, Professor of a Chair of Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold
E. S. Shigin, Post-Graduate Student, e-mail:
S. A. Gavrilov, Post-Graduate Student

ArticleName Development of technology of thiourea leaching of gold and silver from Chore deposit concentrates
ArticleAuthors Samikhov Sh. R., Zinchenko Z. A., Bobomurodov O. M.

Institute of Chemistry named after V. I. Nikitin (Academy of Sciences of Republic of Tajikistan), Dushanbe, Republiuc of Tajikistan:

Sh. R. Samikhov, Leading Researcher
Z. A. Zinchenko, Head of Laboratory of Mineral Processing, phone: +992-918-65-05-15


“Joint Enterprise “Zeravshan” LLC, Penjikent, Republic of Tajikistan:

O. M. Bobomurodov, Deputy Head of Chemical Laboratory

ArticleName Modernization of technology of obtaining of platinum metals’ concentrates at Copper Plant of “Norilsk Nickel” JSC
ArticleAuthors Fedoseev I. V., Barkan M. Sh.

Kaluga Branch of N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Kaluga, Russia:
I. V. Fedoseev, Professor of a Chair of Chemistry, e-mail:


National Mineral Resources University, Saint Petersburg, Russia:
M. Sh. Barkan, Assistant Professor, Chair of Geoecology

ArticleName Scientific basis, development and implementation of pirometallurgical technology of obtaining of germanium concentrates
ArticleAuthors Tanutrov I. N., Sviridova M. N.

Institute of Metallurgy of Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia:
I. N. Tanutrov, Chief Researcher, e-mail:
M. N. Sviridova, Senior Researcher

ArticleName Electrophysical properties of Cu – Nb composites. Part 1. Methodology of analysis of electrophysical properties of composites and samples` characteristics
ArticleAuthors Baryshev G. K., Pantsyrnyy V. I., Biryukov A. P., Surin V. I.

National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia:

G. K. Baryshev, Post-Graduate Student, e-mail:
A. P. Biryukov, Student
V. I. Surin, Assistant Professor


“Russian superconductor” JSC, Moscow, Russia:

V. I. Pantsyrnyy, Chief Development Officer

ArticleName Modern system of melt purification during the manufacturing of ingots from aluminium alloys
ArticleAuthors Afanasev A. E., Kandalova E. G.

“ALCOA Samara Metallurgical Plant” JSC, Samara, Russia:

A. E. Afanasev, Chief Metallurgist, e-mail:
E. G. Kandalova, Manager of Technological Development Office

ArticleName Technology of electromagnetic influence on aluminum melt in mixers and furnaces
ArticleAuthors Golovenko E. A., Goremykin V. A., Kinev E. S., Khronik A. S., Khokhlov D. V.

Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia:

E. A. Golovenko, Assistant Professor, e-mail:
V. A. Goremykin, Post-Graduate Student


Group of Companies ONTECOM, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
E. S. Kinev, Chief Researcher
A. S. Khronik, Chief Designer
D. V. Khokhlov, Chief Engineer

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