Combined geotechnology

D. Kaplunov, V. Kalmykov, M. Ryl’nikova

Based on generalization of the experience of combined development of national and foreign deposits, the tendencies of this method are examined. The concept of scientific substantiation of usage of combines technologies in the development of powerful ore deposits is given. Terminology is determined, technological schemes for opening, preparing and excavating of the reserves are proposed and systematized. The results of investigation of geomechanical state of a massif in the effecting area of opencast and underground mining works are presented. Possibility and conditions of usage of combined physical-chemical technologies for finishing working the reserves beyond the outline of opencast and underground mining are substantiated theoretically and experimentally. Theoretical grounds of designing the combined technologies and calculation technique for parameters of construction elements of the systems for development of resources in transition areas are observed taking into account static and dynamic loads. The technique for estimation of economical efficiency and risk of application of combined technologies is proposed, based on the example of copper pyrite deposits in Ural region.

ISBN: None
Pages: 0
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2003

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