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Название Technical and engineering complex for the reserves improvement on the deep horizons of diamondiferous open pits
Автор Akishev A. N., Zyryanov I. V., Shubin G. V., Tarasov P. I., Zhuravlev A. G
Информация об авторе

«Yakutniproalmaz» Institute (Mirnyy, Russia):

Akishev A. N., Head of Department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail: AkishevAN@alrosa.ru

Zyryanov I. V., Deputy Director on Scientific Work, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, e-mail: ZyrianovIV@alrosa.ru

North-Eastern Federal University named after M. K. Ammosov (Yakutsk, Russia):

Tarasov P. I., Head of the Energy-saving Sector, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail: tp6005@r66.ru

Zhuravlev A. G., Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail: Juravlev@igd.uran.ru


Institute of Mining, Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Shubin G. V., Head of a Chair, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail: grigshubin@mail.ru


In the long term, with the usage of open cast mining, not less than 70% from the tolal amount of ore, is going to be extracted on the primary kimberlite deposits. At the same time, using the open cast mining, 9 kimberlite pipes are going to be developed to the depth from 460 to 720 m (perhaps, more). The advance in price on the routh diamonds and increasing of diamonds extraction are stimulated by the deficiency of raugh diamonds for the production of the diamonds jewellery. According to this deficiency, there is also stimulated the search of new approaches to the projecting and development of diamondiferous deposits of «ALROSA» JSC. This happens, firstly, by more cheap open cast mining with involving of deep horizons of the traditional and low grade diamond deposits into the development. According to the research results and calculations, there were recommended the following technical and engineering transporting schemes for rock mass in the improvement of deep open pits:
• large open pits with the significant depth (more than 400-500 m) require the two-section scheme:
the assembly section, which consists of crawler or hinged dump trucks, operating in complex with the traditional or specialized (sinker), excavators (loaders);
the main section of the traditional mine dump trucks with large carrying capacity (including the variant with trolley supplying of main transport);
• open pits with rather small depth (to 200-300 m) and small planned sizes can use not only the traditional schemes, but also the one-section transport scheme with hinged dump trucks, with 3-4 km of their transporting distance.
• taking into account 15-30 % of the average weighted gradients, the height of operation area of hinged dump trucks in the open pit can reach 250 m.
For the purpose of production and industrial exploitation of nontraditional technical and engineering complexes of taking out-loading and transport equipment, it is necessary to develop the concept and new methodological and normative projecting basis of deep and ultra-deep open pits, conformed and asserted in the established order.

This research work was held with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, within the project No. 2010-218-01-001 “Creation of complex innovation environmentally safe technology of extraction and processing of diamondiferous ores in the Far North”, which is being held with the participation of North-Eastern Federal University named after M. K. Ammosov and “ALROSA” JSC.

Ключевые слова Deep diamondiferous open pits, extraction of hear bottom reserves, steeply inclined cross-overs, sinker area, hinged and crawler dump trucks, excavators, loaders, lifting height, limiting grades, extraction cost, remote control
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