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ArticleName Prospects of iron ore concentrate grade increase at ОАО «Karelsky Okatysh»
ArticleAuthor Dyubchenko V. А., Patkovskaya N. А., Tasina Т. I.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Dyubchenko V. A., Project Director

Patkovskaya N. A., Chief Specialist, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

Tasina T. I., Senior Researcher

E-mail (common):


Full-scale testing verified the possibility to produce iron ore concentrates at ОАО «Karelsky Okatysh», suitable for production of DRI pellets by magnetic technology without flotation. Alternatives for the production complex modernization are considered. Processing, economic and ecological efficiency of the currently applied technology potential prior to and after the crushingandconcentrating plant as well as pellets production plant upgrades, are shown. In order to increase concentrate grade, its final processing on «Stack Sizer» Derrick screens with processing regime parameters correction, including the section throughput decrease by feed ore, are proposed. One of the main trends of the complex development with consideration of the currently employed tendencies in the world metallurgy was tested and recommended. By way of example, the Lebedinsky Mining Complex operating experience as that of the first facility with complete production cycle from ore mining to competitive metalized product output, is presented.

keywords High-grade iron ore concentrate, metallization, DRI pellets, hot briquetting, upgrade, competitiveness

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