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ArticleName Technological and constructional grounds of raising of pit roads gradient
ArticleAuthor Yakovlev V. L., Mariev P. L., Tarasov P. I., Voitov V. T., Zhuravlev A. G.

Institute of Mining of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

V. L. Yakovlev, Chief Researcher, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, phone: +7 (343) 350-50-51

P. I. Tarasov, Chief of Power Savings Sector, Candidate of Engineering Science

A. G. Zhuravlev, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Science


United Institute of Machine-Building of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Republic:

P. L. Mariev, Director, Doctor of Engineering Science


V. T. Voitov, Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Science


The following specialists of The Institute of Mining of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences participated in this work: V. O. Furin, M. V. Isakov, V. A. Cherepanov, E. V. Fefelov.


Increasing of longitudinal slopes pit roads causes decreased the volume of overburden in the pit outline due to increasing the angle of repose pit. So the authors is considered technology of mine improvements with steeply inclined roads in the bottom of the mine at its completion. However, with increasing values of slope angles intensity of increasing roads sides slope is down. Increased slope of roads has a positive effect on the form of pit primarily at small sizes in terms of career, with a significant perimeter of the bottom of this effect can be achieved only at a depth of spiral Congresses career of more than 100 m. On the other hand with increasing of gradient risk of losing an engine clutch dump trucks, with the road is increasing, which requires a shift to more expensive crawler vehicles. Structurally increase of the power density is required, changing of weight distribution nodes of the truck under the terms of the permissible load on the tires. Also, operation of trucks on steep slopes becomes more expensive. From the ratio of energy (fuel consumption) and productivity (weight of cargo carried per hour of work) the existing mining dump samples are most effective on roads with gradients of 6-10%, with more height, so with a greater slope reaches its maximum efficiency. According to the research should be used for the pits with the small size of the bottom (up to 100 m) slopes up to 40% of roads and crawler trucks for pits with the bottom of 100-300 m, gradients up to 30% and all-wheel-drive trucks, with the bottom of 300-600 m - gradients up to 25 % and all-wheel-drive trucks, in other cases, gradients up to 12 % and classic dump trucks with 4x2 wheels drive.

The researches are executed in the framework of the special program of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, directed on support of joint fundamental researches of the Institute of Mining of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the United Institute of Machine-Building of the national Academy of Sciences of Belarus Republic.

keywords Open pit road transport, roads grades, indices of operation, power intensity of transportation, movement safety

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