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ArticleName Gas content and gas-dynamic characteristics potash stratum VI in Belaruskali’s Mine 2
DOI 10.17580/em.2023.01.17
ArticleAuthor Andreiko S. S., Litvinovskaya N. A., Bobrov D. A.

Mining Institute, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm, Russia:

Andreiko S. S., Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Litvinovskaya N. A., Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Bobrov D. A., Junior Researcher


The problem of gas-dynamic phenomena is still urgent and relevant for the Starobin deposit of potash salts. Different types of phenomena are encountered on all mining levels. Thus, potash stratum III, which is the main working layer, is recognized as hazardous in terms of gas-dynamic phenomena of various types, and potash stratum I is considered hazardous due to sudden failure of mine floor rocks accompanied by gas emission. The data on the gas-dynamic hazard of potash stratum IV are yet unavailable, since this stratum remains off-balance, no work is carried out on this layer, and no relevant studies have been conducted. The solution to the problem of gas-dynamic phenomena always begins with the study of the gas content and gas-dynamic characteristics. Only after that, one can make recommendations on mining operation safety, and can select the most effective and least expensive ways to predict and prevent gas-dynamic phenomena. This article presents the studies into the gas content and gas-dynamic characteristics of free gases in potash stratum IV. The studies were carried out during getting access to potash stratum IV via a ramp and during development driving. In addition to individual data, the summary studies of the gas content and initial rate of gas release as the most significant characteristics are also presented. An assumption is made about the most hazardous areas of underground openings, where the accumulation of free gas is likely to happen. The suitable methods for preventing gas-dynamic phenomena during development driving in the conditions of potash stratum IV are considered. As the preliminary recommendations, it is proposed to perform drilling of degassing holes in the floor of underground openings, at interfaces and in the places of expansions the best process-oriented and most effective method.

The studies were supported by the Russian Foundation for basic Research, Grant No. 20-45-596017 Geochemical and geodynamic evolution of gas phase at potash salt deposits as a basis for safe subsurface use.

keywords Starobin deposit of potash salts, potash stratum IV, sylvinite layers, rock salt layers, free gas, gas content, initial gas release rate, free gas pressure, near-contact gas accumulations, gas-dynamic phenomena, floor rock destruction, degassing holes

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Full content Gas content and gas-dynamic characteristics potash stratum VI in Belaruskali’s Mine 2