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ArticleName Product quality control as a tool of competitive recovery of Lebedinsky GOK
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.06.05
ArticleAuthor Kudryavtsev V. Yu., Galass T. Yu., Stepanova I. S., Drobyshev A. A.

Quality Control Department, Lebedinsky GOK, Gubkin, Russia:

V. Yu. Kudryavtsev, Head of Department, Candidate of Economic Sciences
T. Yu. Galass, Chief Engineer
I. S. Stepanova, Head of Metallurgical Quality Control,
A. A. Drobyshev, Head of Outer Acceptance Inspection


The product quality control takes a critical part in the production management. It ensures the competitive abilities of products and, thus, is an important method and an effective tool to reach the preset objectives and to rule a production process. The theoretic approach to handling problems connected with maximization of supplying metallurgy with primary products of higher quality is being amended. Improvements in the quality control processes have been achieved: first, owing to intensive development of the incoming control of inventories; second, thanks to successful accomplishment of R&D programs; third, as a consequence of innovative equipment installation at chemical laboratories. Production control is effective given the hard and on-line information on the quality factors of a feedstock and the end products. To this effect, an emphasis is laid on introduction of automated sampling and automated analytical control (AAC). The product quality control implementation at all stages of production as well as the laboratory research aimed at the quality improvement is an effective tool of ensuring competitive ability of Lebedinsky GOK. The research of thermal treatment conditions of pellets in burning furnaces is a promising area of work for the Metallurgical Laboratory to adjust pelletizing process conditions. The quality control research strategy, modernization of equipment, as well as the advanced training and motivation of personnel ensure high quality of products and, eventually, competitive ability of Lebedinsky GOK in the global market.

keywords Quality, products, research, laboratory, automated analytical control (AAC), X-ray spectrum analyzer

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