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ArticleName Application of new technologies in production of pellets at pelletizing factory at Lebedinsky GOK
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.06.04
ArticleAuthor Aushev A. G., Kireenkov A. N., Shatokhin E. M., Semenchenko A. V.

Lebedinsky GOK, Gubkin, Russia:

A. G. Aushev, Head of Pelletizing Factory
A. N. Kireenkov, Chief Metallurgist,
E. M. Shatokhin, Chief Engineer at Pelletizing Factory
A. V. Semenchenko, Production Manager at Pelletizing Factory


Sustainable development of modern industries is ensured by continuous progression. Successful manufacture of high margin products allows Lebedinsky GOK to keep the leadership in the global metallurgy. One of such products is fluxed (high-calcium) pellets. At the same time, until recently, equipment of the pelletizing factory made such production impossible. Iron production inevitably involves dusting and toxic emission. Accordingly, one of the key trends in performance of Lebedinsky GOK is persistent reduction in the environmental impact. Aimed to cut-down dust emission, gas-cleaning units of calcination machine 4 were replaced by electric filters. The atmospheric emission of dust was largely decreased as a result. An associate beneficial effect was the lowered dynamic resistance in air and gas path, which enabled reduction in power consumption by smoke exhausters and in dustiness at working places. Fluxed (high-calcium) pelletizing needs huge amount of fluxing agents. To this effect, the second building was constructed for intake and milling of fluxing additives. After the new additive intake and milling building construction, the output of milled agents increased by 45 %. Toward maximized productivity of the hot briquetted iron plant, a package of measures was developed for increasing the content of –16+11.2 mm size in pellets. One of such measures was introduction of ROSNAMIS blades for maintaining stable slag lining in bowl pelletizers. The implemented technologies provided the high margin production output at the reduced impact exerted by the industrial activities on the environment.

keywords Lebedinsky GOK, pelletizing factory, fluxed high-calcium pellets, electric filters, ecology, emission, bowl pelletizer, slag lining

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