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Название Induction motor with rotor circuit with pulse-and-switch control for mining machines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.02.10
Автор Baryshnikov V. A., Rozhkov V. V., Fedotov V. V.
Информация об авторе

Division of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute in Smolensk, Russia:

V. A. Baryshnikov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
V. V. Rozhkov, Head of Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, umo@sbmpei.ru
V. V. Fedotov, Student


Regarding the cyclic mechanisms of mining machines, it is proposed to improve induction motors by adding them with pulse-and-switch control using the power switches GTO, IGBT and MOSFET with the update control circuits. The motors of mining machines down to date use the relay–contact resistance control based on the induction motor with phase-wound rotor. This article discusses the advanced and relatively simple variant of modernization of such induction motors. The computer-aided simulation model is designed and described. The simulation results allow drawing a conclusion that the dualcircuit system with the internal relay circuit of rectified rotor current and the external circuit of velocity at proportional control and PI regulators ensures good performance both in statics and dynamics at simple drive circuit. Modeling was undertaken to compare the dynamics and power performance of the proposed induction motor with vector control and direct orientation in the rotor field. The comparison proves similarity of transient processes with respect to smooth components of mechanical coordinates. The economic effect of the proposed system with the pulse-and-switch control at total re-equipment of the obsolete drives and their replacement by the frequency-variable drives, with all required components and at ‘gentle’ modernization, with substitution of the frequency converter by the new variant proposed in this article while the existing motor with the phase rotor is left. The comparison proves the competitiveness of the proposed variant of induction motor with simpler devices. This study may be useful to design or update induction motors with pulse-and-switch control.
The study was supported by the government, Project No. FSWF-2020-0019.

Ключевые слова Сyclic mechanisms, induction motor, pulse-and-switch control, power circuit changer, frequency adjustment, comparative analysis, computer-aided modeling
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