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ArticleName Improving efficiency of cleanup and coal flow formation on conveyor by shearer loader with accessorial blade
DOI 10.17580/em.2019.01.09
ArticleAuthor Khac Linh Nguyen, Gabov V. V., Zadkov D. A.

Saint-Petersburg Mining University, St. Petersburg, Russia:

Khac Linh Nguyen, Post-Graduate Student
Gabov V. V., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Zadkov D. A., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Drums of shearer loaders in longwall systems execute the primary function of coal cutting and secondary function of coal loading to conveyor. Drums feature workability, rational dimension, simple design, reliability and durability. At the same time, drums offer insufficient cleanup quality, which results in lower productivity of shearer loader, increased energy consumption and coal over-crushing when flowing to conveyor. This article discusses processes of coal loading by shearer loader drum from the cutting zone to the conveyor and formation of coal flow in the transition zone between the rear drum and conveyor. Furthermore, the influence exerted on these processes by the drum–conveyor distance, seam dip, as well as velocities and directions of shearer loader and conveyor chain is considered. The mechanisms of coal loading from the cutting zone by the drum blades and the related productivity of the rear drum in coal loading to conveyor are taken into account. The authors propose to install an accessorial blade in the transition zone between the cowl and conveyor in order to form coal flow to it and present the calculation formulas for the drum productivity and loading energy consumption. The proposed engineering solution—coal with accessorial blade—ensures higher efficiency of coal loading from cutting zone to conveyor, lower circulation of coal and reduced flow resistance, improved cleanup quality, diminished over-crushing and dusting of coal, as well as cut down specific energy consumption. For the comparative analysis, the processes of coal loading to conveyor are modeled using EDEM 3D for two variants with and without the accessorial blade. The modeling results prove that the proposed design modifications improve productivity drum in coal loading to conveyor and decrease energy consumption the process.

keywords Coal longwall, shearer loader, drum, conveyor, loading, productivity

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