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ArticleName Improvement of access methods for ore reserves beyond ultimate limits of open pits
DOI 10.17580/em.2019.01.04
ArticleAuthor Gromov E. V., Belogorodtsev O. V.

Mining Institute, Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Apatity, Russia:

Gromov E. V., Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Belogorodtsev O. V., Researcher


The article addresses selection of methods to access deep ore reserves beyond ultimate limits of open pit mines. The main factors to be taken into account when developing access scenarios, ore selecting haulage machines and technologies are described. It is highlighted that the enhanced safety and efficiency of mining are achievable with energy-saving and high-productive transportation that ensures fast stage-by-stage access to ore reserves at minimized human participation in the process. The methodical approach developed for the evaluation and selection of access parameters integrates spatial and economic-and-mathematical modeling. The proposed approach is implemented in terms of the Kola Peninsula deposits. The research substantiates that for the Kovdor deposit (Zhelezny Mine), upon reaching the open pit depth of –300 m, it is expedient to transport ore using the future underground mine openings. The access to the deeper levels is recommended via ore chutes, inclined conveyor shafts at the elevation point of =280 m/–800 m and a drift at the level of –800 m, with the intermediate stage of accessing by a conveyor adit at the elevation mark of +260 m on the northern pit wall. For the Oleniy Ruchey deposit, it is processed to use the access scheme with combination of horizontal and inclined radial belt conveyors, with the intermediate stage access at the elevation point of +240 m/0 m, which ensures planned development of mining operations up to the project capacity. For the Partomchorr deposit, the obtained relationships of the hoisting and haulage costs of ore enable selecting the most efficient access schemes at different values of the future mine capacity. It is shown that at the project capacity of 7 Mt/yr it is effectually to carry out ore hosing using inclined conveyors and to transport ore horizontally by remote-control rail cars.

keywords Access and development, underground and hybrid mining, cyclic and continuous haulage technologies, economic-and-mathematical modeling, feasibility study

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