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ArticleName Rich iron ore in the Belgorod Region of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly as potential resource for metallization
DOI 10.17580/em.2019.01.01
ArticleAuthor Gzogyan T. N., Gzogyan S. R., Grishkina E. V.

Belgorod State University, Belgorod, Russia:

Gzogyan T. N., Head of laboratory,
Gzogyan S. R., Senior Researcher
Grishkina E. V., Junior Researcher


Results of researches of natural rich ores for the purpose of potential possibility of reception of high-quality iron ore production as raw materials for metallization and their complex processing are resulted. The mineral and chemical composition of rich iron ores is studied in detail. It is established that the main minerals of rich ores are iron oxides and hydroxides, siderite in various combinations with admixture of quartz and silicates, and also single aggregates of iron sulfides. It is shown that the diversity of the mineral types of rich iron ore deposits of KMA due to different mineral composition of the parent rocks and the manifestation of the secondary processes (carbonization, chloritization, somatization). Significant heterogeneity of rich ores in composition and properties is noted, in particular, on the example of chamosite. In addition, rich iron ore KMA have a complex geological and mineralogical structure. The results of a detailed study of the composition and properties of rich iron ores and the allocation on their basis of industrial and genetic types served as the basis for the development of their geological and technological classification. The developed technological classification of rich iron ores of the region, given in the work, can be used in the development and design of technological regulations of the concentrator in order to obtain raw materials for metallization.

keywords Rich in iron ore, plating, martite, hematite, hydrohematite, goethite, hydrogoethite, samoset, carbonization, chloritization, enrichment

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