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ArticleName New-generation wind turbine tower—close wind turbine
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.03.14
ArticleAuthor Markin A. V.

Name & Surname: Markin A. V.
Company: Novotekh Group of Companies (Moscow, Russia)
Work Position: Engineer


The author offers an innovative idea of a wind turbine tower in the form of a “closed wind turbine” (CWT) that, unlike limited capacity conventional propeller wind turbines, enables essential enhancement of wind energy efficieny, decrease in noise emission, cutback of number of wind generators and reduction in ground area for their placement. Presenting CWT as new-generation wind power generators in the area of unconventional natural renewable resources, the author illustrates their advantages as against conventional wind turbines and other free-running power generators and suggests using CWT to create “wind parks” of industrial capacity for development of technogenic deposits—accumulations of low-grade ore in stockpiles, dumps and tailings ponds of large mining-and-processing integrated works. It is supposed that CWT will find priority application at remote localities, industrial communities and commercial production on the Kola Peninsula, in Siberia, Russian Far East and the Arctic coast, which will enable creation of new jobes in these regions, expand small and medium business and improve social, economic and ecological environment for human life activity.

keywords Wind energy, wind turbine tower, self-contained power supply, closed wind turbine, wind energy efficiency, application regions

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Language of full-text russian
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