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ArticleName Design procedure and results of analysis of efficiency coefficient of hydromechanical and electromechanical transmission of mining dump trucks are given
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.03.13
ArticleAuthor Mariev P. L., Voitov V. T., Shishko S. A.

Author 1:
Name & Surname: Mariev P. L.
Company: Scientific and Technical Centre “Mining Equipment” State Research Institution “Joint Machinery Construction of Belarusian Academy of Science”(Minsk, Republic of Belarus)
Work Position: Director
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Author 2:
Name & Surname: Voitov V. T.
Company: State Research Institution “Joint Machinery Construction of Belarusian Academy of Science” (Minsk, Republic of Belarus)
Work Position: Researcher

Author 3:
Name & Surname: Shishko S. A.
Company: BELAZ — Management Company of Holding “BELAZ-Holding” (Zhodino, Belarus)
Work Position: Deputy Design Manager — Head of department


What is the better, more effective and efficient type of transmissions, applied on mining dump trucks, and not only on them, and what to choose — hydromechanical (HMT) or electromechanical (EMT)? Two technical directions in the field of design upgrading of heavy machinery are developed consentaneously. Each of them has a number of significant advantages and at the same time cannot be of the absolute priority. For the purpose of objective efficiency evaluation of two types of power trains, mentioned above, calculations and comparative efficiency analysis concerning modern mining dump trucks of equal payload capacity and specific power, but with different kinematic diagrams of transmissions were made. Power trains of the dump trucks with hydromechanical transmission of different producers differ in kinematics, that made it possible to evaluate their efficiency in wider range taking into account the number of gear meshings, both external and internal engagements, working at each gear. Transmission kinematics at the dump trucks with AC-AC, DC and AC-DC electromechanical transmissions is entirely identical. It’s established on the basis of performed calculations and their analysis that 2 power drives, which are currently used at heavy-duty off-highway dump trucks, are practically equivalent by average efficiency: ηср = 0,835 for hydromechanical transmission and ηср = 0,83 for electromechanical transmission. Prospects of further distribution and application will be determined by their cost price, shortage of applicable materials, level of reliability and service life, ease of maintenance and repair, level of environmental safety during operation and utilization, total operating costs per unit for the whole life cycle of the dump truck.

keywords Mining dump trucks, coefficient of efficiency, hydromechanical transmission, electromechanical transmission

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