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Development of metallurgy in Russia and CIS
ArticleName On the possibility of replacement of the coke paradigm
ArticleAuthor S. R. Islamov, S. G. Stepanov

"Thermokoks" Energy Technological Company (Krasnoyarsk, Russia):

Islamov S. R., Dr. Eng., Gen. Director, e-mail:
Stepanov S. G., Dr. Eng., Techn. Director, e-mail:


In today's economic environment the need for a radical reduction in the cost of pig iron comes to the forefront of the most important problems to be solved. According to the authors, the only effective solution of this problem is to abandon the use of classic coke. Alternatively, they consider the possibility of involving in metallurgy the new carbonaceous reductant — thermocoke, which is producing from lowash lignite of Kansk-Achinsk Basin with zero emissions into the environment. This product differs principally from the coke in three basic indicators: thermocoke is cheaper by many times than coke, it has an order of magnitude with higher reactivity and it is a grained material. The article gives a brief description of the technology of cogeneration production of thermocoke on the basis of standard coal-fired boilers, its technical and economic parameters and physico-chemical properties of the thermocoke are displayed. In briquetted form, thermocoke is an eff ective substitute of carbonaceous materials in classical electrometallurgy - in the production of ferro-alloys, silicon, etc. Strategic direction of the use of fine-grained thermocoke, according to the authors, is the technology of direct reduction of iron ore concentrate. This area is characterized by strong demand of all specifi c properties of the new reducing agent. As an example, the article presents the aggregated technical and economic performance of large-scale production of iron nuggets using thermocoke; it demonstrates radical production cost reduction of metallurgical products.

keywords Cost reducing, pig iron, lignite coke, thermocoke, direct reduction of iron, carbonaceous reductant, grained material, coal-fi red boilers, concentrate

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