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ArticleName Environmental problems of working out of ore deposits of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly
ArticleAuthor Golik V. I., Polukhin O. N., Petin A. N., Komaschenko V. I.

South-Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk, Russia):

Golik V.I., Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, e-mail:

Belgorod State National Research University (Belgorod, Russia):

Polukhin O. N., Rector, Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences

Petin A. N., Professor, Doctor of Geographical Science

Komaschenko V. I., Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences


A systematic presentation of the technogenic impact on the geological environment and the formation of the CMA in the process of interaction between man and the geological environment of natural and technical systems. It is shown that the leading role as a factor of technogenic transformation of the geological environment with the creation of secondary geological landscapes. The place of business, related to mining and mineral processing in the anthropogenic impact on the geological environment. Formulated out of the area of environmental and technological crisis by adopting technology to bookmark voids hardening mixtures, prepared from previously extracted minerals in the earth’s surface after the extraction of useful components, that is a logical and humane in relation to the subsoil of the completion of the cycle the invasion of the geological environment.

keywords Geological environment, the impact of man-made, natural and technical systems, technogenesis, geological landscape, mining and processing, minerals, environmental and technological crisis, solidifying the mixture, the extraction of ingredients, mechanochemistry

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