«The Economics and News of the Global Nuclear Market» is a monthly bulletin observing key events in the global market of products and services of the nuclear fuel cycle and in the global nuclear power engineering.
Published since 2009, volume up to 32 pages, circulation 180 copies. ISSN 2078-6611

Information to the readers and subscribers: "Ore and Metals" Publishing House stopped to publish our bulletin since January 2012. But the electronic archive (since 2009 to 2011 (in Russian)) is available for subscribe.

Editorial board:

Actual address: Office G-550, Leninsky prospekt 6, Moscow, 119049, Russia
Mailing address: P.O. Box 71, Moscow, 119049, Russia
Phone/fax: +7-499-230-2714
E-mail: rim@rudmet.ru
Internet: www.rudmet.ru


"Ore and Metals" Publishing House
National Research Nuclear University "Moscow Engineering Physics Institute"


JSC "Techsnabexport"
High Technological Scientific-Research Institute of Inorganic Materials (VNIINM) named after A.A. Bochvar
Russian Chemical-Technological University named after D.I. Mendeleev
FGUP "SKC Rosatoma"

Chief Editor – Alexander Putilov, Dr. Eng., Prof.;
Deputy Chief Editor - Alexander Vorobiev, Dr. Econ., Prof.;
Responsible Secretary - Ekaterina Myakota

Editorial Council:

Govorukhin V. N.
Kuchinov V. P.
Kolesnikov V. A., Dr. Eng., Prof.;
Kryuchkov E. F., Ass. Prof.;
Novikov V. V., Ass. Prof.

Тopic themes:


- Foundations of development strategy;

- Legal framework for development strategy;

- World nuclear power industry: current situation and forecasts;

- Analytical survey on development of nuclear power industry;

- Resources for nuclear power inustry;

- Market of nuclear fuel cycle services: conversion, enrichment, fabrication;

- Russia in global market;

- News of science and engineering;

- Cultural news;

- Social policy of NRNU MEPhI;

- To the 70-th anniversary of National Research Nuclear University "MEPHI".