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Non-ferrous Metals

ArticleName Education in Tomsk Polytechnic University
ArticleAuthor Yu. P. Pokholkov
ArticleName Geoecological Problems and Ways of Their Solution at Mining Companies in Khakassia Republic
ArticleAuthors E. G. Yazikov, S. V. Azarova, V. M. Hudyakov
ArticleName Study of Mechanoelectrical Transformation in Rocks Under Dynamic Impact
ArticleAuthors A. A. Bespal’ko, A. P. Surzhikov, L. V. Yavorovich
ArticleName Experience of Drifting of Drainage Mining Excavation in Mellow Watered Massif
ArticleAuthors I. A. Kuz’michev, Yu. N. Popov
ArticleName Leaching Fine Gold by Thiocarbamide From Persistent Ores Activated by Electric Discharges in Liquid
ArticleAuthors N. A. Kolpakova, N. P. Potcapun, A. S. Buynovsky
ArticleName Chemisorption of Noble Metals by Metal Sulfides
ArticleAuthors O. S. Andrienko, N. B. Yegorov, V. F. Usov, D. V. Indyk, I. P. Fiterer, Z. M. Tyulyubaev
ArticleName Complex Processing of Bulk Ore Concentrates Extracted From Sand of Titano-Ferrite Zircon Placer Deposits
ArticleAuthors A. I. Solov’yev, V. M. Malyutina, V. P. Rikhanov, T. V. Usmanova, S. A. Babenko
ArticleName Technology of Reception and Dispersed Characteristics Aluminum Nanopowders
ArticleAuthors V. A. Arkhipov, S. S. Bondarchuk, A. G. Korotkikh, M. I. Lerner
ArticleName Usage of Powders of Nonferrous Metals for Modification of Properties of Functional Ceramics of Physical Power Installations
ArticleAuthors V. I. Boyko, D. G. Demyanyuk, O. Yu. Dolmatov, D. S. Isachenko, I. V. Shamanin
ArticleName State of the Art and Prospects for FryogenicRadiation Methods of Strengthening RockDestroying Tools
ArticleAuthor S. Ya. Ryabchikov
Journals →  Non-ferrous Metals →  2007 →  #1