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ArticleName Realization of strategy of sustainable growth of JSC “Apatit” by Company “PhosAgro”
ArticleAuthors Volkov M. V., Tsarev P. P., Levin B. V.
ArticleAuthorsData M. V. Volkov, General Director, Сompany “PhosAgro”; P. P. Tsarev, General Director, C. Ec.; B. V. Levin, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development, C. Eng., JSC “PhosAgro AG”
ArticleName JSC “Apatit”: 80 years in avant guard of the mining chemical industry of Russia
ArticleAuthor Shaposhnik Yu. P.
ArticleAuthorData Yu. P. Shaposhnik, Director of Kirovsky Branch of “PhosAgro AG” JSC – General Director of “Apatit” JSC, Kirovsky Branch of “PhosAgro AG” JSC, “Apatit” JSC
ArticleName Strategical planning as a base of sustainable operation of the company
ArticleAuthors Svinin V. S., Zvonar A. Yu., Zaporozhets V. Yu.
ArticleAuthorsData V. S. Svinin, First Deputy Director, C. Eng., Kirovsky Branch of “PhosAgro”; A. Yu. Zvonar, Technical Director – Main Engineer; V. Yu. Zaprozhets, First Deputy of Technical Director, “Apatit” JSC
ArticleName Past, present and the main directions of development of the technology for preparation of apatite nefeline ores from Khibini
ArticleAuthors Brilyakov Yu. E., Gershenkop A. Sh., Lygach V. N.
ArticleAuthorsData Yu. E. Brilyakov, Director of the Complex for processing of the apatitenepheline ores, D. Eng., “Apatit” JSC; A. Sh. Gershenkop, Deputy-Director for scientific work, D. Eng., Mining Institute of KSC of the RAS; V. N. Lygach, First Deputy-General Director, C. Eng., FGUP “GIGHS”
ArticleName Increase of efficiency of underground mining of powerful deposits on the base of usage of cyclic line technology
ArticleAuthors Demidov Yu. V., Sakharov A. N., Terentyev A. Yu.
ArticleAuthorsData Yu. V. Demidov, Counselor for General Director, Prof., D. Eng.; A. N. Sakharov, Mine Miner for underground mining; A. Yu. Terentiev, Leading Specialist of the mining works service, “Apatit” JSC
ArticleName The combined opened underground mining of nearboard and sub quarry reserves of apatite nepheline ores
ArticleAuthors Demidov Yu. V., Zvonar’ A. Yu., Leontyev A. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Yu. V. Demidov, Councilor of General Director, Prof., D. Eng.; A. Yu. Zvonar', Technical Director — Main Engineer, “Apatit” JSC; A. A. Leontyev, Major Researcher, C. Eng., Mining Institute of KSC of the RAS
ArticleName Optimal extraction values of reserves
ArticleAuthor Belousov V. V.
ArticleAuthorData V. V. Belousov, Chief Mining Surveyor, “Apatit” JSC
ArticleName The oldest leader of mining industry in the Khibini Mountains celebrates its 80th Anniversary
ArticleAuthor Nikitin K. V.
ArticleAuthorData K. V. Nikitin, Chief of Kirovsky mine, Kirovsky Branch of “PhosAgro AG” JSC, “Apatit” JSC
ArticleName Development of the automated managment systems of technological processes at concentrating plants of JSC “Apatit”
ArticleAuthors Egorov V. F., Pekshuev L. A.
ArticleAuthorsData V. F. Egorov, Chief of the Information and Automation Service; L. A. Pekshuev, Deputy-Director of the Complex of Concentration of the Apatite-Nepheline ores for Information and Automation, “Apatit” JSC
ArticleName Ecological policy of JSC “Apatit”
ArticleAuthors Zvonar’ A. J., Shall’ E. E.
ArticleAuthorsData A. J. Zvonar’, Technical Director – Main Engineer; E. E. Shall’, Chief of Environmental Department, “Apatit” JSC
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