Basalt and Basalt-Based Materials (Terms, Definitions, Characteristics)

Smirnov L. N.

This is for the first time in the world practice when terms, definitions and service characteristics relative to basalts and different-purpose basalt-based industrial products are generalized and edited in the form of a handbook. Several fields of these products application are also specified. This publication will be useful for specialists in the realm of composite materials production and application in various industries, as well as for graduate and undergraduate students mastering in non-metallic materials processing.

ISBN: 5-87623-157-6
Страницы: 50
Переплет: мягкий
Издатель: НИТУ МИСиС
Язык: Russian
Год издания: 2005

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Continuous Basalt Fiber (CBF)
Basalt Tow(Roving)
Twisted Basalt Glass Threads (BGT)
Chopped Basalt Fiber (Basalt Fiber Composite)
Basalt Fabric (BF)
Basalt Bands (BB)
Basalt Nets (BN)
Basalt Plastics (BP)
Basalt-Plastic Reinforcement (BPR)
Basalt-Plastic Pipes (BPP)
Basalt Electric Insulating Material
Basalt Radiation Prepregs (BRP)
Basalt Cut Fiber (BCF)
Basalt Heat- and Sound Insulating Materials
          Basalt Soundproof Mats (BSM)
          Basalt Heat-Insulating Board (HIB)
          Piercing Roll Basalt Material (PRBM - C)
          Heat-Insulating Strip Inside Textile Glass (ISTG)
          Rigid Heat-Insulating Hydrophobizated Slab (RIHS)
          Heat-Insulating Basalt Cord (HIBC)
Basalt flakes
New High-Temperature Hybrid Sleeve Filters on the Basis of Basalt Fabrics
Several Fields of Basalt Materials Application