Operating experience of gold extracting enterprises in the world

V. A. Tsarkov

Operating practice of 29 foreign and 14 national up-to-date enterprises, processing basic gold-bearing ores, is presented. The tendencies of the development of ore preparation processes, gravitation and flotation concentration, hydrometallurgical method of gold extraction, neutralization of tailings of gold extracting plants are examined. The data about location of mining enterprises, kind of the deposits, ore reserves and gold content in these ores, form of impregnation are presented. The method of ore mining, applying mining equipment and its main possibilities, productivity of gold extracting plants for ore processing and gold production, achieved level of extraction and some consumption parameters are described.

Technological routes of gold extraction, with description of used equipment are considered, the main technological parameters (with consumption data) are shown. The designing technical solutions of construction of the new enterprises are examined, as well as the met difficulties during putting into practice. The data about number of personnel and cost of producing gold are presented. Bibliographic index is given.

ISBN: None
Pages: 0
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2003

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