Indium. The technologies of concentration

L. A. Kazanbaev, P. A. Kozlov, V. L. Kubasov, V. F. Travkin

The book describes the methods of indium extraction from different indium-bearing raw materials, as well as indium raw sources, forms of its location in zinc cakes, one of the main indium-bearing products. The methods of indium extraction from indium-bearing solutions are observed, as well as refining of obtained re-extracts with removal of impurities and consequent fabrication of roughing indium via cementation. The methods of high pure indium production via refining of roughing indium are presented; these methods include electrochemical refining in diaphragm electrolyzers with salt molten electrolytes. Vacuum-thermal technology of high pure indium production and technology of indium powder production, based on disproportionation of indium monochloride in water, are described.
The book is intended for technological engineers of zinc and other production facilities with indium fabrication, as well as for the specialists developing the technologies of production of indium and indium powders.

ISBN: None
Pages: 0
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2004

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