Wollastonite: the unique versatile mineral raw material

V. A. Tyul’nin, V. R. Tkach, V. I. Eirikh, N. P. Starodubtsev

Up-to-date achievements in investigations of wollastonite and wollastonite rocks, as well as the achievements and production problems and features of practical usage of this new mineral with unique structure and properties, are systematized and analyzed for the first time. Structure and properties of natural and synthetic wollastonite, its main deposits, mining and concentrating methods of natural wollastonite, production methods of artificial wollastonite are described. Characteristics and quality criteria of raw material are presented. Especial attention is paid to the areas of wollastonite application, to prospective and priority fields of its usage.
The book is addressed to the wide range of the specialists using wollastonite as a raw material in their practical activity, as well as to the specialists of mining and construction industry, of material science, scientific fellows, post-graduates and students specializing in the field of complex processing of mineral raw materials.

ISBN: None
Pages: 0
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2003

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