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ArticleName Structure formation in dispersion-hardening composite materials of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis in the system Ti – Zr – C – metal binder
ArticleAuthor Manakova O. S., Levashov E. A., Kurbatkina V. V.

National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” (MISIS), Moscow, Russia:

O. S. Manakova, Post-Graduate Student, e-mail:
E. A. Levashov, Head of a Chair
V. V. Kurbatkina, Assistant Professor


In this paper we studied the effect of metal binder on the structure and properties of dispersion-hardening composite of Ti – Zr – C, obtained by the technology of SHS-compaction. The effect on the phase composition of the synthesis products had the content and composition of the binder and the concentration of Zr in the reaction mixture. At a concentration of less than 12% Zr two phases were revealed: (Ti,Zr)C and the intermetallide. At Zr more than 12%, along with binder two phases (Ti,Zr)C and (Zr,Ti)C were formed. The composition of binder depended on its amount in the mixture. When the content of binder is 5% its composition was described by the formula (Ni,Co)(Ti,Zr)2, which corresponds to the solid solution based on the Laves phase NiTi2, and at 20–30% of the binder — the compound Ti(Ni,Co). After annealing of SHS-products in a vacuum at 900 оC within 4 h number of carbide phases decreased and the intermetallic phases increased in all samples. After heat treatment in samples with more than 23% Zr phase composition of the binder varied: in addition to Ti(Ni,Co) nano-sized precipitation of excess Laves phase ZrCo2 was observed. In order to study the stages of processes of phase and structure formation of dispersion-hardening material in the system Ti – Zr – C - binder in the combustion wave, experiments on the combustion wave quenching in a copper wedge by the stopped combustion front (SCF) were conducted. The results of experiments on the composition and structure of typical FGD areas, as well as XRD of synthesized and annealed samples had suggested a sequence of stages of structure formation (staging) in the synthesis of dispersion-hardening ceramic material Ti – Zr — C + binder. Introduction of low melting binder components to the reaction mixture, that make up the melt in the combustion zone, was resulted in a significant reduction in the residual porosity of the compact SHS-products 11.0 to 1.3% and increased mechanical properties.

keywords Dispersion hardening composite materials, selfpropagating high temperature synthesis (SHS), mechanism, staging, phase composition, structure

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