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ArticleName Efficiency of oxide magnesium compounds for purification of aluminous production liquors with organic impurity
ArticleAuthor Sizyakov V. M., Tikhonova E. V., Cherkasova M. V.

Chair of Non-Ferrous Metals Metallurgy, The First Higher Technical Educational Institution in Russia “National Mineral Resources University”, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

V. M. Sizyakov, Head of a Chair, e-mail:
E. V. Tikhonova, Post-Graduate Student
M. V. Cherkasova, 4-th Year Student


Aluminate Bayers liquors are characterized by accumulation of the organic compounds worsening parameters of manufacture and alumina quality. Sorption characteristics of such a sorbents like the activated coal, magnesia, magnesium hydrocarbon- and sulfuraluminates were determined in relation to organic chemistry in aluminates liquors. The extrasorbtion mechanism was defined at processing aluminates liquors with the activated magnesia. It is revealed high sorption potential of magnesium hydroaluminates phases. Advantages of the compounds consist in likeness structure for the system, absence of influence on technological structure of a solution, low power expenses for sorbent regeneration (250–400 oC). Abovementioned serves as the good precondition for working out the effective technology of purification for aluminates liquors from organic contaminants by active sorbents — magnesium hydrocarbo- and sulfuraluminates.

keywords Aluminates liquors, magnesium hydrocarboaluminate, sorption, purification of solutions, organic impurity, Bayer process

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